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Why don't I have to refrigerate store-bought baby food but have to refrigerate home-made purees?

If I make an apple (or fruit) puree at home, the internet says I have to refrigerate it and then only have a couple of days to feed it to my child. But I can go buy a jar of Gerber baby puree off the ...
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1 answer

How do I iron-fortify homemade baby cereal?

I have been making baby cereal powder by grinding rolled oats, flax seed, and hemp seed into a powder. I prepare this cereal by adding water and heat. Many commercial powdered baby cereals (and ...
2 votes
2 answers

Cooking fishcakes for 1 year old---how to hold shape AND get soft juicy texture?

I am making fishcakes/fish patties for a 1 year old with chopped salmon, chopped shrimp, breadcrumb, eggs and flavorings like onion etc. When I fry them, they become dry-ish, and kind-of crumbly. ...
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2 answers

Boiled water left in a Teflon pot

How long should boiled water used for powdered baby formula stay in a Teflon pot? Can it stay in the pot for days?
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2 answers

How can I create this coconut milk, fruit, and veggie snack at home?

My baby and I both enjoy Happy Creamies. I don't enjoy the price, however, and I do enjoy making food for my family. I'm trying to figure out what the basics of a similar homemade item would be. ...