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11 answers

Is it safe to eat smoked bacon without grilling?

The reason I ask this is due to the fact nothing on the bacon packaging indicates it can or cannot be eaten 'raw' and in general eating raw meat is a bad idea.
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How long can I reuse this delicious bacon grease for cooking?

I cooked some bacon about a week ago and left the grease in the pan. I've used it the last two nights with great success for cooking other meals. How long is it safe to reuse? I figure since I'm ...
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14 answers

How long will grease (from bacon or roast) keep in the fridge?

I kept all of the bacon grease from making bacon this weekend, and now I have a jar of solidified grease in the fridge. How long can I use this to impart bacony goodness to my fried vegetables before ...
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How should I cook bacon in an oven?

I've heard of people cooking bacon in an oven by laying the strips out on a cookie sheet. When using this method, how long should I cook the bacon for, and at what temperature?
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Cooking Buffet-style Bacon

When I was a kid, every month we would go out to a high-end restaurant or country club buffet for Sunday brunch. At these buffets, I would be confronted with hotel pans with fancy chrome lids resting ...
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Non Pork Bacon Alternatives

So, I love turkey bacon, and have it a lot; however, I always feel that i'm eating a mush processed meat. Are there any meat cut alternatives to pork bacon from other animals? Has anyone tried to ...
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8 answers

Bacon substitution

I do a great simple dish that involves bacon so I'm interested whether there is a vegetarian substitute for bacon. It would be quite useful having one since I use it all the time. Here's the recipe: ...
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Is there a method for desalinating bacon?

Bacon contains a rather large amount of salt which can pose problems for people who are trying to find ways to reduce salt in their diet. Is there some method that can be used to reduce the amount of ...
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3 votes
6 answers

Is it possible to cook bacon without melting as much fat?

I love Bacon, but I prefer fattier pieces of meat. However, I cannot seem to find a way to cook the bacon without melting most of the fat off. What I've tried so far: Searing at high temperature - ...
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9 answers

How to add a salty/bacon flavor and texture to vegan collard greens?

As a vegan of nearly a year bacon has come as a "great loss" and my collard greens have suffered for it greatly. I have been experimenting with tvp bacon bits, vegan bacon strips (both frozen and ...
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How can I prevent bacon mayonnaise from splitting when above fridge temp?

I know how to fix a split mayonnaise made with olive or vegetable oil - that's not a problem. I have made Kenji Lopez-Alt's recipe for animal fat mayonnaise (bacon fat, for putting on a burger). It ...
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14 votes
14 answers

How can I get my bacon flatter?

When frying bacon, it tends to curl up. I don't like it because my bacon doesn't cook equally and it's hard to get it crisp that way. Is there a technique or a tip so I can have flat bacon?
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Does bacon need to be fried until crisp?

I'm not sure how much to fry the frozen bacon I get. Should it be crisp? When do I stop?
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3 answers

How long does grease take to go bad/rancid when sitting out?

If I make a skillet full of bacon, how long can I leave the grease sitting out before it is unsafe/rancid? Is the answer different for ground beef grease?
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3 answers

What's the difference between "English" & "American" bacon?

Prompted by Is it possible to cook bacon without melting as much fat? where I answered in an "English" way… I've had crispy bacon - you can get it on pre-made sandwiches or in chilled packs in the ...
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1 answer

What is Turkey Bacon?

Is there a standard part of the turkey that they use to process "turkey bacon"? Is it pressed from different sections of the turkey?
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3 answers

Make bacon less salty

I just finished a burger that I got at a local butcher/deli. The burger was half ground chuck and half apple wood smoked bacon. It was delicious. The only problem I have with it is that it was very ...
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What are the bubbles on the surface of cooking bacon?

As you can see in the picture, this bacon is just about ready to be removed from the heat. Just what are those bubbles/foam(?) on the surface of the bacon? Note: this is fresh bacon from a butcher-- ...
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How fast does pork fat spoil?

I have a mini-oven with a tray I use to fry my bacon for breakfast. Quite a bit of fat leaks out from the bacon onto the tray. It sits there, in room temperature for a day or two, then I put more ...
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