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How can I test if I've added baking soda to my cake batter?

I have prepared some cake mix and while I know I added baking powder, I don't remember whether I have added baking soda in it! Is there anyway to check this (of course without baking the mix ;-). ) ...
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I baked breads, rolls, pizzas, marinated meats starting with a cold oven to use less energy. Is my “strategy” unpromising when baking sweet desserts?

My strategy is as in the topic, plus near the end, I switch the oven off and then use the still accumulated heat to cook food. I think I have a good intuition as far as baking savoury items is ...
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Malt barley powder: pancake killer?

I got some barley malt powder at H Mart and tried using it in pancakes. The pancakes stay ...
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