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Marinade and Smoke Chips

I am planning on doing a pork crown for Christmas and have zeroed in on this recipe, which calls for a marinade: I also would like to have a smokey flavor, ...
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Do liquids continue to "boil" when full-pressure cooking is reached?

Liquids in a pressure cooker can reach higher temperatures because the boiling point increase as the internal pressure rises. But do those liquids continue that "rolling boil" once the cooker is up ...
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How do I baste barbecue chicken while grilling?

I am going to barbecue 1/2 chicken on a gas grill. I want to use a water mixture with cider vinegar and salt, to baste while grilling. Can you give me any tips as I do this, like time and temperature?
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Do I need to baste an injected turkey?

This evening I intend to grill a 3 pound turkey breast over indirect heat. I've brined the turkey and am intending to inject it with a butter injection concoction. Does a brined and injected turkey ...
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Why did my basting sauce flop?

The instructions for the basting sauce I tried to make called for heating olive oil, butter, Dijon mustard, vinegar, and pepper and then whisking together until smooth. I heated the oil, added the ...
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What is the purpose of basting a roast?

Is the purpose to add flavor, moisture, or both? Do you really think it makes a difference?
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