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Over-stirring muffin mixtures

In muffin recipes, the instructions often say to stir the mixture till "just combined". Why does over-stirring the muffin mixture result in tough muffins? And how do you know if you did too much ...
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How to imitate commercial fried chicken?

I'm trying to develop my own "secret" fried chicken recipe, something that is similar to Popeye's or Church's. I'm a LONG ways from getting there. Here's what I did in my last experiment: Chicken was ...
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How long does pancake batter last in the fridge?

I'm making a packet mix of pancake batter that doesn't lend itself to partial mixes - it's hard to split "1 egg" as an ingredient. How long would pancake batter last in the fridge? Even if it's a ...
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What type of beer is best for beer battered fish?

I was looking for a beer battered fish recipe the other day when I noticed most of the recipes don't state a style of beer to use. Some of the recipes use a significant amount of beer so I assume that ...
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How to ferment dosa batter?

I have never been successful in fermenting dosa batter properly in the US. I generally soak urad dal, rice and fenugreek seeds for a few hours and grind them together. Even if I leave the batter in 30°...
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Buttermilk pancake mix is green?

I like making buttermilk pancakes but usually the batter is too much for one day, after I put the mix in the refrigerator, the mix was a greenish color the next day. Does anyone know if this means it ...
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How to make ridge structure of crispy chicken

In food shop, we see many fold ridges on crispy chicken like this Picture: While googling about the secret, I found most of them advised to put the chicken pieces in a bag after dipping it in the ...
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What is the name of this batter?

I remember reading and watching videos about it, but haven't ever made it, and I also forgot the name. I want to learn some more of it, find the correct recipe, etc., but it is rather hard without the ...
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When making batter/dough, why is it really bad to clean your spoon by hitting it on the edge of the bowl a few times?

Mom and I were looking at a holiday cooking tv-show a few weeks back, and during the part where the host made the dough for the oliebollen, he hit his spoon a few times against the bowl, to get rid of ...
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Beer batter fish, keeping the breading from peeling right off while eating?

A few months back I made beer-batter fish. I don't remember the exact recipe I used but I think I got it from I fried in vegetable oil at 350. Everything came out OK, but the ...
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Why add vodka to batter for frying fish?

At 4:46 in this video, Heston Blumenthal adds vodka to the batter for fried fish. This article in Robb Report also describes the process: The star chef begins his experiment in an elevated way. He’s ...
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How Can I Spread Crepe Batter Before It Cooks?

I am trying to make crepes in a non-stick skillet. I've got the batter ready, well refrigerated. However, I am having trouble getting the batter to spread enough to cover the whole skillet before it ...
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Given I have to make the batter now to eat in 3-4hrs, what's the best way to store my pancakes (or the batter)?

I'm about to make some pancakes(1) for my daughter, and will want to make some for me and my wife this evening (in about 3-4hrs), since using a single egg should make at ~six I'll have too much batter ...
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How are chemical leaveners affected by moisture and cool temperature?

This is maybe a more precise way of asking, "what happens to left over batter in the fridge?" This question might have to approached per leavening agent.
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What to add to the batter of the cake to avoid hardening when the gluten formation can't be avoided?

So, over mixing batter forms gluten, which in turn hardens the cake. Fine. The problem is that I don't want lumps in the cakes, and the above statement prevents me from fine mixing the batter. So, is ...
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mixing cake batter in a blender?

I only have a blender, and was wondering if you could make cake batter in a blender. Till now I've been mixing by hand, but I have a recipe that calls for creaming sugar and oil, and I don't know how ...
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How to keep battered (tempura) goods from sticking to the deep frying pan?

I really like deep frying shrimp and veggies in tempura batter, but every time I put these goods in the deep frying pan they stick to the net that is in there to make the goods easy to put in and take ...
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