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Questions tagged [beef]

Beef is the meat of adult cattle (cows & bulls). Use this tag for questions about selecting, identifying, storing, preparing, replacing or cooking with beef as an ingredient. Questions about dishes which include beef, but are not focused on beef, should not use this tag.

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86 votes
12 answers

Are rare burgers safe?

On a recent trip to France, I had a burger that was still pink in the middle. I know this is incredibly common in France (and it was delicious!) - but, as I understand it, it would never be allowed in ...
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9 answers

What qualities to look for in a cut of beef destined for "well done"?

The major cooking advice is to buy a certain cut (sirloin, etc..) and cook it to rare-degrees. However, my guests don't like beef that has any pink inside or "blood" (I know it isn't blood) oozing ...
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37 votes
6 answers

Can I use cooking sherry instead of red wine in my stew?

So I found some Sherry Cooking Wine ($6 CAD) at my supermarket and I don't want to go and shell out too much money on a real bottle of wine just for a stew, is it possible to use cooking wine like ...
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35 votes
5 answers

How safe is steak tartare?

How safe is steak tartare? What can I do when preparing it make sure it is safe to eat?
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29 votes
3 answers

What is the internal temperature a steak should be cooked to for Rare/Medium Rare/Medium/Well?

I'd like to know when to take my steaks off the grill and please everybody.
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27 votes
5 answers

What can be done with accidentaly oversalted beef?

I mistakenly marinated some thin beef with regular salt for one day before barbecuing it, turns out you're not supposed to do that! Even after washing it, it is unbearable to eat it by itself. I'm ...
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6 answers

Is ground beef that was in the refrigerator for two weeks and has turned brown still usable?

I bought some ground beef around 2 weeks ago and used half of it, putting the rest in a freezer bag in my fridge (not the freezer). It has since turned brown (not red, as when I bought it). Is it ...
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26 votes
7 answers

How can I get cuts of beef I recognize when in Italy

Almost five years ago, my husband and I retired to the Abruzzo region of Italy from the U.S. I've made a lot of cooking adjustments, but beef cuts have me beaten. I want steaks and roasts. Research ...
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14 answers

How to stop meatballs falling apart when frying

I tried cooking meatballs as a change to what I usually cook but I found that they didn't stay together when being fried. I made the meatballs with about 500g of mince, a chopped onion, some herbs ...
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12 answers

How do you cook grass-fed beef so it is not tough?

I recently went to a farmers market and bought some grass-fed beef. I went with what we normally buy, and got a couple of bone-in thick cut ribeye. I typically prepare this by liberally applying ...
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22 votes
8 answers

What is ground beef?

I keep hearing about Ground Beef, but I'm from Australia and I've never actually seen it before. Is it the same thing as Minced Beef? Or different? Is Minced beef an acceptible substitute if they're ...
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22 votes
8 answers

How should baking soda be used to tenderize meat?

At some Chinese restaurants, I've had beef dishes where the meat was unusually tender. It also has a somewhat unusual texture, which is hard to describe. I understand that this is a result of using ...
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21 votes
2 answers

To which internal temperature should I cook beef for rare/medium/well done?

I am going to cook a beef roast: To which internal temperature should I cook it for rare/medium/well done?
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20 votes
7 answers

Is it safe to cook a steak that was left out (raw) for 7 hours?

I left a round steak out for 7 hours in a container of cold water. It was wrapped very well, hadn't been opened yet. Is it ok to cook this? I planned on cooking it in the crockpot for 8 hours.
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18 votes
10 answers

Mushroom replacement in Beef Wellington

I saw a great recipe for Beef Wellington on Serious Eats that I'm eager to try. However, my roommate does not eat mushrooms (both because he dislikes the flavor and because he had a bad experience as ...
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18 votes
7 answers

Soaking beef in water

I've begun cooking Asian food in the past year or so, and in many Korean and Chinese beef recipes, I see instructions to soak beef in water. Just plain water, not salt water or anything. And every ...
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7 answers

Stewing beef - how long is too long?

From what I understand, the cooking process melts the collagen, turning it into gelatin and making the meat more tender. However, the process also tends to cook the meat itself, making it tougher. ...
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4 answers

Fat contents from different types of ground beef when drained

At the grocery store, they've got different types of ground beef: ground round, ground chuck, ground sirloin, etc. They each have different fat percentages. Anything from 70/30 (30% fat content) to ...
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17 votes
6 answers

Beef Broth - What Went Wrong?

Home-cooked Phở is my white whale. Anyway, before I can cook Phở, I need to be able to make beef broth, and so far I've failed completely. My broth is greenish-gray in color, mostly flavorless, and ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Do I need to coat beef in flour mixture for slow cooked stew?

I've recently bought a slow cooker and my first meal will be a simple beef stew. According to this recipe, step one is to: In a small bowl mix together the flour, salt and pepper; pour over meat ...
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15 votes
15 answers

Is there a difference between Kansas City strip and New York strip?

Wikipedia gives the impression that Kansas City strip refers to the same cut as New York strip. Are they really the same cuts? If so, which name is more "authentic"? And if not, what's the difference ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Is there any cut of beef that's close to Kobe beef?

I have had the real thing in Japan and it was fantastic and very expensive. I don't usually eat steak at all. The Kobe beef steak was the first I ate in my entire life. It was very tender and tasty, ...
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15 votes
5 answers

What is the difference between French and British cuts of beef?

What is the difference between French and British cuts of beef? I am told they just butcher the animals dfferently. Certainly the cuts don't seem the same. For example is faux fillet really exactly ...
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1 answer

How many pounds of fresh beef does it take to make a pound of beef jerky?

Beef obviously loses water when you dehydrate it to make beef jerky. What's the ratio here? Does it take two pounds of fresh beef to make a pound of beef jerky?
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14 votes
4 answers

Why does my steak turn out well done when the temperature probe says it's only rare?

Is it because I used a poor cut of meat? Did I not cook it fast enough? Should I have removed it from the heat sooner? Is my cut too thick? Is my temperature probe too conservative?
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14 votes
3 answers

What makes frozen burger patties bland?

This has confused me for a while: it's observable that a lot of all-beef burger patties from grocery stores and fast food joints taste dull compared to homemade ground beef, but is the key difference ...
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7 answers

Can I store suet or home-rendered tallow at room temperature for a year?

This weekend I will be in possession of 100 lbs of beef suet (which I'll be getting from a butcher friend) and plan to render it into tallow. I can't even begin to imagine exactly what this amount of ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Should beef jerky be cut with or across the grain?

Recipes seem to be split down the middle of whether or not meat to make jerky should be cut with the grain or across it. What is the difference in the final product when cutting with vs across the ...
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4 answers

Is there any advantage to cooking steak on the bone?

My local butcher sells ribeye and sirloin steaks from Basque and Galician dairy cows on the bone. All of their products are fantastic but I question what effect cooking it 'bone-in' has. Is there ...
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4 answers

What cattle do we get our "beef" from in the US?

What type of cattle (i.e. cow) do we usually get our "beef" from? There are different variations of cows - e.g. longhorn, bull, buffalo and more - but when I buy "beef" in the market I am never told ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Can I freeze beef stew?

I've made too much beef stew, and I'd love to be able to freeze it instead of letting it go bad. It's a stew with cooked vegetables and chunks of beef. Will this freeze and defrost well? (If it ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Should I keep the meat boiled off of bones when making beef broth?

I am making a simple beef stock from the leftover bones from a New York cut roast beef. Beyond adding a mirepoix and boiling the bones for three hours I'm not doing anything special. When I make stock ...
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4 answers

To sear or not to sear - slow cooking beef dishes

I want to make beef goulash in my slow cooker (first time). The instructions call for adding the beef as is. Something in my gut (rightly or wrongly) tells me to sear it first. Will it turn out ...
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8 answers

How to fix grass finished beef that tastes like fish?

I bought a 1/4 grass finished cow (I had a good experience with a 1/2 pig from the same seller, so didnt feel the need to start small). We cooked some ground beef, and it was fine. But the second cut ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Is it okay to salt beef before or while cooking it?

I recall reading that you should not salt beef until after it is cooked or it will dry the beef. Yet I see recipes that call for salt in a beef marinade. Is it true that you should only salt beef ...
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1 answer

What is the difference between various cuts of steak?

I'm sure each has their own differences in texture (and cost) but don't really know exactly what they are or what they are best used for. I like bone in ribeyes so I haven't bothered to try ...
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7 answers

Help with ground beef seasoning: flavors are weak

So I routinely serve up very simple style burritos in my apartment (beef, sour cream, cheese and white flour tortillas), and I've grown well past the days of using pre-mixed seasoning packets to ...
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Tough roast.. what's going wrong?

My housemate often manages to pick up reduced meat from the local supermarket (Sainsbury's in the UK) at the time he comes home. It's usually silverside, topside or brisket of beef. Occasionally it's ...
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4 answers

Making Beef Stock

I just purchased some nice beef marrow bones. What I'd like to do is make myself some beef stock for soups and whatever else. Now I'm planning on making a Mirepoix and then adding the bones and then ...
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Color of fried beef steak: sometimes dark, sometimes light-colored. Why?

I have noticed that sometimes when I am frying beef steak it does not turn dark but it becomes rather light-colored. I have also noticed that those steaks that do turn dark during the frying tend to ...
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2 answers

What is the science of drying/dehydrating meat? Biltong, jerky, etc

What is the science of drying meat? This is a cross-topic question, but I think it's best suited here. Let me know if it should be elsewhere... I am South African and one of our traditional snacks is '...
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10 votes
2 answers

Pulled beef in pressure cooker: Is it necessary to sauté beef before pressurizing?

In most recipes I've found about pressure-cooking pulled beef, the meat is sautéed before the pressure is applied. Why is this? Could I pressure-cook pulled beef without first sautéing it? Example ...
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2 answers

Is it safe to overcook beef or other meat?

When making hamburgers, I prefer to grill the beef until it is very dark and the outside is entirely black. I know that it is dangerous to eat beef that not cooked enough, but is there any hazard in ...
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4 answers

Does the beef cut matter when making stroganoff?

I would like to make a stroganoff recipe I have that calls for cubed Sirloin Tip Roast, but I was recently given some raw steak that I would like to use in its place. The steak I was given was not ...
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8 answers

Cooking beef: how to make it tender?

I have been trying to sauté beef and make pan sauces, but the meat seems to always become somewhat dry and chewy. How do I avoid this? I have the same issue when stewing beef in a slow cooker or dutch ...
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10 votes
2 answers

What cut of beef is "plat nerveux"?

The cut is 'plat nerveux' and was purchased at a Parisian (French) market. It is beef, long-ish, round (like a sausage), and boneless. The meat is deeper red than most beef cuts I am used to. Deep red,...
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3 answers

How long does grease take to go bad/rancid when sitting out?

If I make a skillet full of bacon, how long can I leave the grease sitting out before it is unsafe/rancid? Is the answer different for ground beef grease?
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4 answers

Why is my chuck roast dry?

Our chuck roast came out tender but dry. Why? We used the Beef in Barolo recipe from Americas Test Kitchen: - 2 lbs chuck roast seasoned with salt and pepper - Cooked at 300*F for 3 hours in a full ...
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Frying bison steaks

I was told to cook beef and bison the exact same. I normally fry the steaks in a frying pan about 5 minutes on each side and let rest to cook the rest of the way. When I do this for bison steaks it ...
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What is the difference between pot roasting and braising?

I'm looking at this guide for cooking cuts of beef: and some are supposed to be braised, while others are supposed to ...
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