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Blender vs food processor vs juicer

When should a blender be used instead of a food processor or instead of a juicer? I'm planning on investing in one of them. I would use if for making smoothies and beverages. I've got a Magic Bullet ...
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What to look for when purchasing a blender?

I currently don't have a blender after purchasing my own home and am looking to get one for making smoothies primarily, but also for pureeing for soups, etc. I had a smoothie maker that I won as a ...
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How can I safely use a blender with hot liquids?

One instruction in a new barbecue sauce recipe I'm trying out is to take the pot of simmering sauce and run it through a blender or food processor. I have now learned the hard way that blending hot ...
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Olive oil gets bitter in blender?

I read somewhere -- maybe a James Peterson cookbook? -- that putting olive oil in the blender for more than a few seconds will make it bitter. However, many recipes for hummus, aioli, and other things ...
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Buying a "blender" that can purée a potato

My wife had a "smoothie" made by a co-worker that is based on green apples and raw red potatos. Our smoothie maker can't do that and leaves unchopped bits and a gritty feel. Her friend uses a ...
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Does it take a special type of blender to make smoothies?

Or am I just doing it wrong? I have what I consider a typical blender that you might find in any American kitchen. It's a glass container with a cross shaped blade. The problem I have is that pieces ...
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How important is RPM in a blender?

I'm looking at getting a new blender, basically the main things I want to be able to do with it are make curry pastes, ultra smooth restaurant quality purees and soups and grind small amounts of ...
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Perfect Hollandaise every time using a blender/food processor?

I was a cook at a cafe recently that was buying in Hollandaise. I started making the sauce from scratch following the same basic procedure each time but got varying results. sometimes the Hollandaise ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Why heat soup in a blender?

Several times lately I have seen people recommend a particular brand of (very expensive) high powered blender. Each time one of the main selling points for them is that the blender is so powerful ...
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Blender Buying - Square vs. Round Container

After looking at this blender question, I had a follow-up question. I've seen both square and round containers/lids for blenders. Is either better? I tend to see square blenders at smoothie shops - ...
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Couldn't make pesto in a blender

I was making pesto one day and couldn't find the lid to my food processor. So first I tried mixing it all in a blender. Didn't work, the leaves wouldn't go down to meet the blade. I had this pastey ...
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3 answers

Any tips for degassing blended soup?

I find creamy soups and many other thicker liquids too fluffy for my liking after blending. I could do it the old fashioned way by forcing through a mill/sieve; must I? Any other tips to knocking out ...
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How can I make a foam without an immersion blender?

I want to try some experiments with molecular gastronomy foams, but all the recipes I've seen involve using an immersion blender to create the foam. Can I use a whisk to make the foam? What about my ...
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What features should a food processor have in order to make nut butters?

I'm looking for a food processor that I can make nut butters (peanut & almond) in. No reviews on Amazon show any promising information about being able to blend nuts to a buttery texture and the ...
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mixing cake batter in a blender?

I only have a blender, and was wondering if you could make cake batter in a blender. Till now I've been mixing by hand, but I have a recipe that calls for creaming sugar and oil, and I don't know how ...
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6 answers

Carrot soup and avoiding the use of a blender?

Most recipes for carrot soup I encounter require a final stage of blending/whizzing to get the creamy texture. Eg: recipe1 recipe2 recipe3 Can the blender/whizzer be avoided? How must the recipes ...
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Preparing Salsa with a Magic Bullet

I'm trying to make some salsa with a magic bullet using the given recipe from the cookbook that comes with it. Here's the recipe with a picture of how it turns out at best. The final product comes ...
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