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Baking without a filling

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Blind baking: Does the choice of weights matter?

Blind baking is done by lining a pastry shell first with parchment paper and then with some kind of weights to ensure that the bottom stays flat and the sides upright. I have seen recipes that use ...
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I baked breads, rolls, pizzas, marinated meats starting with a cold oven to use less energy. Is my “strategy” unpromising when baking sweet desserts?

My strategy is as in the topic, plus near the end, I switch the oven off and then use the still accumulated heat to cook food. I think I have a good intuition as far as baking savoury items is ...
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Is there ever a reason not to use baking beads when blind baking?

Whenever I'm making a recipe that calls for blind baking pastry, they always provide alternatives for ceramic baking beads (such as rice) in case you don't own any. I do own them, so I always use them,...
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When using puff pastry in the base of a savoury pie, do you need to blind bake it?

I am making a chicken pie. I've made it before with just a pastry shell on top but I'd like to line the dish with pastry this time. Will I need to blind bake the base of my pastry first? Is it then ...
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Is it possible to have a good crust without prebaking a quiche?

I'm planning on making a quiche (Lorraine with leek to be exact) and I was looking up recipes for quiches. Most recipes call for blind-baking the crust in advance (or at least partly), but some skip ...
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What is blind baking?

I am making a quiche. The recipe tells me to "blind bake" the crust at 375 degrees for 7-9 minutes. What is "blind baking"? Is it anything more complicated than baking something partially? To avoid ...
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How do I find tart pans like these?

I want to make a lemon tart, but I want tins with straight walls, like the ones in this image. How would I find them - is there a name I can look for? I've been unable to find them online (and they ...
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3 answers

How do I stop my pastry shrinking?

So I line a flan tin with shortcut pastry. It's quite a nice deep pan (sides are maybe 2 to 3 cm) so it looks like there's going to be plenty of room for a filling. But after 20 mins baking blind, I ...
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How can I check if a blind baked dough is done?

Often, when I'm blind baking things, I'm always unsure whether or not the dough is finished. I always put a piece of foil between the crust and the rice. Is there an easy way to check the middle of ...
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Can I re-use rice if it has been used for blind baking?

I often use rice when blind baking... and then I throw it out which is obviously a waste. Am I able to keep the rice and either use it again for blind baking or even to cook and eat later?
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