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2 answers

How much water should be added to a Maggi seasoning cube?

I sometimes use Maggi liquid seasoning in my cooking. My recipe calls for a specific number of grams to be added. The other day, the supermarket was out of stock of the liquid seasoning, but they had ...
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How to use Totole granulated chicken flavor soup base mix?

I have a can of Totole granulated chicken flavor soup base mix, but I cannot read what I presume are the directions on the back. I want to try making a Chinese-American restaurant style egg drop soup ...
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Amounts of MSG and natural glutamates in bouillon and soy sauce

Bouillon has a tasty umami flavor, as does soy sauce. The umami in bouillon can come from added MSG (monosodium glutamate), while the umami in soy sauce is said to arise from naturally occurring ...
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Could overfrying and/or undersimmering the Spanish rice have caused it to develop a cardboard-like taste and a pungent odour?

Growing up, my mother always made me one of my favourite treats, which was arroz Guizado, or Spanish fried rice. It was the only kind I had ever tasted up until I was around eleven or twelve. When I ...
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How do I convert a powdered seasoning into cube (bouillon) form?

I have created seasoning in powdered form and would like to also make it in a bouillon form. How do I do this?
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1 answer

How to boil sushi rice for yakimeshi?

I want to use some chicken bouillon cubes I have to flavor the sushi rice I have, which I'm going to use to make yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice) in accordance with this video. I'm not sure if I'm ...
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How to replace Bouillon cubes without making them on my own

As far as I noticed the Combination consisting of Bouillon Cube, Wine and spices can make up a good basis for many vegetarian dishes, for instance with Pasta or Rice. I am using a particular sort of ...
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3 answers

Stock: Canned, Bouillon Cubes and Powder

What are the Pros and Cons to each one? Most of the time I am making vegetable soup. Thanks
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7 votes
2 answers

Fat content in homemade stock

First of all, I don't know the difference between stock, broth and bouillon in english (not my native language), but what I mean is when you cook for example a chicken carcass with vegetables for a ...
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Do beef bouillon cubes expire or cause expiration? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Do Bouillon Cubes/Powder go bad? I tossed into the soup the last 2 bouillon cubes in the jar. Then, as I threw it away, I looked at the jar's expiration date: May 1979. Am I ...
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How would I measure Bouillon Cubes compared to the actual powder

Is there a standard measurement that can be used?
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Do Bouillon Cubes/Powder go bad?

I just found an old jar of Beef Bouillon cubes and although there is no expiration date, I'm a bit skeptical about using them - do they go bad?
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