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Crisping chicken skin after braising

I have a go-to chicken dish that I like a lot. I marinate thighs in a soy based marinade and then brown them. Then I mix the marinade flavors, chicken broth and rice and put the thighs in skin side ...
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2 answers

Is there a way to harden soft braised carrots?

After placing meat on a bed of veg and braising in a wine/stock mixture for a few hours, the carrots taste great, but they don't have a nice texture. How do I harden the soft mushy carrots after a ...
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3 answers

Getting seasoning into a roast

I'm getting into braising a lot of pork and beef roasts. Standard routine: pick cuts with more connective tissue, sear on all sides, then into the oven with seasonings, herbs, veggies, and liquid (I ...
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How to cook a tender quail?

I've had various successes (but mostly failures) with the little birds. I'd like your advise on making it tender as can be. My technique is mostly to sear the outside and then cook for about 20' in a ...
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