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Questions with this tag should be about traditional ingredients, preparations or dishes from Brazil.

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Why does the grated coconut "float" to the top of quindim while baking?

Quindim is a typical Brazilian dessert made from sugar, egg yolks, butter and grated coconut. All those ingredients are mixed (yolks and sugar first, then the butter, then the grated coconut, in my ...
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Making brigadeiros in Portugal similar to the ones in Brazil

There is a famous Brazilian sweet called brigadeiro (I've seen a few questions related to it around here) that is basically made of condensed milk, cocoa or powdered chocolate, and butter. I've been ...
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4 votes
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How to use lemon or other fruit acid in Brigadeiro without curdling?

Here in Brazil it is customary to make Brigadeiro of varied flavors. The basic recipe is sweetened condensed milk and butter cooked until sticking to the pan. It is known that, when the acidic fruit ...
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What variety of shrimp paste should I use for Brazilian Vatapa?

I recently saw a recipe for vatapa, a Brazilian shrimp stew that looks kind of like a curry gravy in texture. The recipe calls for a reconstituting handful of dried shrimp and then blending it into a ...
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What is the correct way to make "Brazil style" BBQ meat?

I'm interested in cooking some meat Brazilian style, like they do at those BBQ restraunts where the meat is served on trays in small slivers. Is there an effective way to do this without a huge ...
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