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Used for questions about coating an item in crumbs. May also be used for battered coatings for frying

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11 answers

How to make extra crispy and crunchy breading like KFC?

I'm wondering how I would go about making extra crispy chicken breading like they do at many places like KFC and the like. Is there a certain ingredient that makes the breading like that? Any ...
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How do I get breading to stick to pre-cooked chicken for pan frying?

I tried pan fried chicken and pre-cooked the chicken sous vide. This meant that the chicken just needed to be crisped once it went in the pan. I dredged in flour then egg and then panko (Japanese ...
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How to imitate commercial fried chicken?

I'm trying to develop my own "secret" fried chicken recipe, something that is similar to Popeye's or Church's. I'm a LONG ways from getting there. Here's what I did in my last experiment: Chicken was ...
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What is the purpose of the light coating of flour in a three-step bound breading?

I've always understood "bound breading" to refer to a three-step process, performed with chicken or other meats that have been portioned and patted dry: Dredge through (seasoned) flour and shake off ...
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How to get breading to stick to chicken?

I made a simple breaded chicken recipe last night (mixed butter, mustard & bread crumbs together), but the mixture wouldn't stick to the chicken - any tips?
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How do I make the panko bread stick to my egg-coated chicken?

I am trying to do a pan-fried schnitzel with chicken breast coated in a mix of eggs, salt, pepper, some ketchup, a bit of olive-oil and sweet paprika. Once I coat the chicken in the egg mix, I try to ...
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Beer batter fish, keeping the breading from peeling right off while eating?

A few months back I made beer-batter fish. I don't remember the exact recipe I used but I think I got it from I fried in vegetable oil at 350. Everything came out OK, but the ...
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2 answers

Considerations for prepping breaded chicken for freezing

I have chicken breasts. I want to cut into strips, bread, freeze and later bake or fry. The binder will be egg. The breading will be semolinia bread crumbs. There will be parmesan and italian herbs in ...
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Why does the breading always come off of my oven fried chicken?

I love fried chicken, but have been trying to cook oven fried chicken instead due to the lower caloric content. I usually use chicken that has been soaked in buttermilk overnight, drain excess ...
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