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What's the most efficient/effective method for removing the rind of a well-ripened Brie?

My family really loves "cheese crack", i.e. the "savory toasted cheese" from Digby.. (Our proportions: 1 block cream cheese, 1 stick butter, 1 wedge of ripe Brie. Cut up, nuke, stir. Seriously, try it....
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Extra built up mold on brie cheese

I had a brie cheese in the fridge and got extra mold built up on the area where it was cut. Note that I had other food getting moldy in the fridge, but those were dark mold. The brie got a white mold, ...
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How to make Brie En Croute less rich/cheesy?

I prepared Brie En Croute using 1/2 of a 16.9oz/480g round of Brie and a single layer of frozen puff pastry dough. I also added a few dollops of apricot preserves inside. When wrapped, the pastry ...
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How can I store Brie for a long period?

There's a semi-local creamery that makes the loveliest Brie I've ever had. It's priced quite reasonably but the shipping costs more than the cheese itself, so it's a little impractical. I bought three ...
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What is the difference between a brie and a brie de meaux?

Often in the supermarkets, you can find lot's of brie cheese, but also "brie de meaux". What is the difference between the two cheeses. Is it just a different level of protection or do the production ...
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What does bad Brie smell/taste like?

I've been buying the same kind of Brie every week for the past six months, but this time was different. I got it from a grocery store I've never been to before, and I live in Kenya, where it's common ...
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If I leave brie in my fridge for two weeks, will it still taste as good? [duplicate]

Can you refrigerate Brie cheese for about two weeks unopened and expect it to still be as good? I have a round of it and it does not smell or anything. I kept it at a certain temp.
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Looking for an Italian cheese similar/identical to the French Brie

I am looking for a an Italian cheese that I can use as substitute to Brie. It should have the same consistency and creaminess, as well as delicate flavour. Any suggestion? EDIT: This question could ...
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How to adjust an oven to accommodate two items with different cook times and temperatures?

For dinner this evening we are cooking a roast beef and intend to serve a baked brie appetizer. Unfortunately, we only have one oven. To reach medium rare the roast needs 3 hours at 325° while the ...
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Suggestions for Brie + Bread + Preserves

I've now tried two different types of Brie cheese from my grocery store. The first was a triple cream version which was very mild and nice. The second was a "Rich and Buttery" (whatever that is ...
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Is there a difference between Brie & Camembert?

I was listening to a program on Radio NZ where the broadcaster claimed that apart from size there was no difference? It's almost like today we put a brie label on and tomorrow a camembert one. Is this ...
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