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Likely cause and virulence of black spots inside outwardly unmarked broccoli

This morning, I purchased a bag of “organic,” pre-chopped, pre-washed broccoli. Individual pieces comprised less than an inch of stalk with attached branches and florettes. I tossed the bag and ...
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Why should you never re-freeze frozen vegetables?

On the back of my bag of frozen broccoli florets it emphatically warns me to not refreeze defrosted vegetables. Why is that? What is wrong with refreezing vegetables after leaving them defrosted for a ...
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Why does the broccoli at Chinese take-out restaurants have a crunchier texture than those bought at supermarket and grocery store salad bars?

I've been eating at Chinese take-out restaurants lately, mostly to save money and still get a big portion of food. When I get the beef and broccoli and lo mein, I notice that the broccoli is a lot ...
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Adding sauce without microwaving the chicken

I brought the InnovAsian chicken and broccoli frozen food and missed an instruction. I added the sauce before microwaving the chicken. But the instruction says to microwave the chicken before adding ...
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Can I use fresh broccoli in quiche?

I have some (not so) fresh broccoli I need use. I'm thinking of making a quiche with it. Most quiche recipes seem to call for frozen broccoli. Can I just use the fresh instead? Does it need any ...
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How to tell when broccoli has gone bad?

I often get big jumbo bags of pre-cut Broccoli from Costco with a sell by date that is usually about a week out from my date of purchase. The florets seem perfectly fine on the sell by date, and I've ...
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Is this broccoli crown safe to eat?

Was cutting up broccoli crowns and this bug appeared (I'm pretty sure it was from the crown). Is the broccoli still safe to eat? I checked every single piece I chopped up to make sure.
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Green broccoli rice

I live in Brazil and around here is very common to make broccoli rice (rice, broccoli and sometimes garlic). I have eat it many times in restaurants, they are either white or green like the pictures ...
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Does frozen broccoli need to be cooked to be eaten safely?

I bought a different brand of frozen broccoli and the package says, "For food safety, cook to an internal temperature of 165 degrees". The previous brand didn't have any such warning. My questions: ...
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I'm cooking two dishes that need to cook at different temperatures in the oven, what do I do?

For dinner tonight, I am making roasted corn on the cob and some roasted broccoli as well. However, the two recipes I am using call for the corn to be cooked at 350 degrees while the broccoli is at ...
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Is a broccoli that already turned yellow anyhow harmful?

After I bought a broccoli I placed it into my fridge. Today I rediscovered it and wanted to eat it. Now the crown of the broccoli already turned yellowish (it's actually a yellowish-greenish-brownish ...
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Does Freezing Broccoli Dry it Out?

When I used to work for a grocer a senior employee told me that the broccoli suppliers tried not to freeze or pack the broccoli in too much ice to prevent it from freezing. He said that this was ...
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How to reduce the bitter taste in broccoli rabe

My typical way to cook broccoli rabe is to saute it in olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes for a few minutes and then eat it just above room temp. While I don't mind the bitter taste others do. ...
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Why does broccoli turn brown when steaming?

I steam my broccoli until it's 'al dente' and some buds turn brown. I've done a small search, but haven't found anything. I'm thinking maybe the steam is too hot or I'm steaming too long. What do you ...
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Is there some trick to vacuum sealing broccoli?

In Sous Vide for the Home Cook Douglas Baldwin gives a recipe for broccoli. In brief, blanch the broccoli, cool in an ice bath, then vacuum seal as a single layer in a bag with salt, pepper, and ...
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Is there a way to lessen the unpleasant smell of steamed broccoli?

I really enjoy snacking on steamed vegetables lightly sprinkled with some salt and pepper, especially broccoli. However I find that steamed fresh broccoli has a slightly sulfuric smell that smells a ...
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What's the difference between broccoli from China and broccoli from Australia?

They look pretty similar except the Australia ones cost more than twice the ones from China. Taste-wise, there are only subtle differences according to my tastebuds. Is there a reason Australia ...
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Fresh vs Frozen Broccoli for soup?

Is there a substantial difference in using fresh vs frozen broccoli when making Broccoli Cheese Soup? And if I do make the substitution, should I thaw it first or put it in frozen?
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How do you drain Velveeta Rotini & Cheese with Broccoli, without losing the rehydrated Broccoli?

Rotini & Cheese is a variation on Kraft's shells and cheese. It's actually kind of like an upgrade because you get small pieces of dehydrated broccoli in addition to the mac and cheese. Halfway ...
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What to do with broccoli stalk?

It is kind of annoying to buy broccoli and pay per weight when there's this huge and heavy stem, so I was wondering what I could do with it? I know that it can be cut and steamed/cooked like the rest ...
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