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A baked chocolate dessert, typically cut in squares, that has either a fudgy or cakey consistency.

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milk chocolate brownie turned out hard and very chewy

I made milk chocolate brownie today, intended for a 9x9 inch pan, but in a 8x8 inch pan. Although I have made these brownies before and they were perfect but did not know what went wrong today. The ...
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Decrease stickiness of brownies during depanning?

I use a square pan with 12 slots to individually bake brownies, as opposed to using a large square pan. My problem is that during depanning, I would occassionally lose a brownie because of a sticky ...
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Fudge or Brownies?

Fudge recipe called for evaporated milk and not condensed milk. I mixed evaporated milk, chocolate chips, and pecans and heated to melt chocolate. Mixture is too soupy. How can I fix to make Fudge ...
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Why are these called "no bake" brownies?

I have this old recipe, that my grandmother's aunt's, someone or other (don't really know any more, no one alive can remember) cut out of a magazine years and years ago. The Title is "Blondie Brownies,...
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