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Why do Brussels sprouts only taste good when cut?

My mom always used to cook or steam Brussels sprouts whole. I always hated them and still do now if they are prepared that way. They tend to get a very sharp, slightly bitter vegetable taste, similar ...
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Can Brussels sprouts be eaten raw?

I am not sure if this is too lame a question. Can brussels sprouts be eaten raw, or do I need to boil them for 20 minutes or use some other form of cooking?
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Why do brassicas like cauliflower or brussels sprouts sometimes taste bitter, and (how) can I avoid it?

Cauliflower or Brussels Sprouts sometimes taste slightly bitter after cooking. Is this some mistake in the way they are cooked or is that just the vegetables themselves?
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Can I freeze (raw) Brussels Sprouts to mimic the effects of frost?

This year has been a very mild winter and all the Brussels Sprouts in the shops are quite bitter as they have not undergone any overnight frosts. Can I mimic the effects of an overnight frost by ...
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I bought a bag of Brussels sprouts that looked fine but smelled exceptionally bad, even for sprouts

I recently bought a pre-packaged bag of brussels sprouts. The sprouts in the bag looked great, green and plump with not a spec of black or brown on them. The next day I cut open the bag and found that ...
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How to cook very large Brussels sprouts?

My normal cooking method for Brussels sprouts is to steam them in a microwave steamer like this: I usually get a bag of the pre-cut sprouts, but this year I bought a stalk and I have some very large ...
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Make crispy brussel sprouts

I need help! I go out to restaurants and I can order absolutely succulent, crispy, crunchy, melt in your mouth brussel sprouts and I am completely incapable of reproducing them at home. I have tried ...
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Leaves that fall off Brussels Sprouts, any reason not to cook?

A lot of recipes recommend removing the outer leaves from Brussels Sprouts. I understand why'd you remove brown or damaged leaves but I've always thought the leaves that just fall off are perfectly ...
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Wasabi (peas) brussel sprouts?

I was wondering how successfully the formula of wasabi peas can be applied to other green vegetables? I'm familiar with them as a snack in some pubs in England, the peas become hard and crunchy, and '...
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Can I cook Brussels sprouts in a pan?

Can I cook Brussels sprouts in a pan, with olive oil or butter? I bought them in a plastic bag. Should I chop them, or can I just wash them and put them in the pan?
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Are Brussels Sprouts and Brussel Sprouts the same dish?

Because one implies "Sprouts from Brussels" and the other implies the vegetable that children stereotypically hate.
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