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How to get the "perfume" smell out of Buckwheat Groats?

I bought toasted buckwheat groats from Russia, cooked it, and it had a great nutty smell and was delicious. Now, I can't get Russian ones, so I bought toasted buckwheat groats from American and ...
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Amount of water needed to soak buckwheat groats together with apple cider vinegar as prep for buckwheat milk

I'm attempting a recipe for buckwheat milk from Blissful Basil. The recipe calls for the following ingredients: 1 cup raw buckwheat groats 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 3 cups filtered water 2 ...
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Buckwheat groats have grassy smell?

I bought some buckwheat groats recently. These are from a different source than where I normally get them, and I notice that these have a slightly grassy smell both before and after cooking. The other ...
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Buckwheat raw pizza base

This question is for a raw pizza base using sprouted buckwheat. I love having something crunchy, savoury carb-rich to eat. This is why I am trying to get my sprouted buckwheat pizza base to a point ...
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Why is soba not entirely buckwheat flour?

I thought that soba was completely made of buckwheat flour, but I learned that it's actually around 80% buckwheat and 20% wheat flour. Is there a reason for this mixture ? Is it for flavour or ease ...
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Why is my Buckwheat soba noodle dough crumbling?

I am trying to make Buckwheat noodles (Soba). The recipe involves nothing but buckwheat flour and water. I am failing to make the dough solid. It crumbles apart. I was trying to adjust it by adding ...
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What hot cereals can I cook by just adding hot water?

I eat instant oatmeal at my office desk every morning. I think I can also get instant grits and maybe cream of wheat or something, but what other hot cereals can I make by just adding boiling water? I ...
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Cooking Buckwheat without the smell

I have an allergy to buckwheat. My father does not, and subsists on it. When he cooks it (in a glass pot), the whole house smells even as I turn on all the filters to max and open all the windows. ...
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Buckwheat flour. Can it be used for pizza dough, and what other uses/properties does it have?

Buckwheat flour. Can it be used for pizza dough, and what other uses/properties does it have? I remember making crepes from buckwheat flour and I'd like to use it more often. I'm fond of pizzas, the ...
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Can I make buckwheat flour starting from toasted buckwheat?

My wife asked me to buy "buckwheat" and I did, but she meant buckwheat flour (for making bread) and I got toasted buckwheat instead. I don't want to throw it out if I don't have to. We have a mortar ...
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