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A dairy product made by churning milk to separate the butterfat from other milk components. Questions may involve butter either as an ingredient or as a final dish.

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What is the shelf life of herbal ghee: at room temp, fridge, or freezer?

What is the shelf life of herbal ghee? At room temperature? In the refrigerator? In the freezer? (Does ghee even freeze well?)
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adding peanut butter to a recipe

Ok, so I saw another question answered here that said: Natural Peanut butter is about 50% fat, butter is about 80% fat. If you want to maintain the original amount of fat in the recipe, you would ...
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Is there any trick to cleaning up after grating frozen butter?

I grated frozen butter for the first time today, to make a streusel topping. It worked much faster than my usual method of cubing and cutting in. However the cleanup felt wrong. I used a paper towel ...
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How do I keep my butter based syrup or sauce from separating?

Sometimes my butter based syrup separates once it’s cooling, or after it’s reheated a couple of times. Then, when I try to reincorporate it by stirring, the consistency is never the same and the taste ...
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Creaming butter and sugar results in lumpy and grainy mixture

I was beating butter with sugar to make a cake. I used President brand butter (80% fat) and it was soft at room temperature before beating. However, only after few minutes, my mixture started grainy ...
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Shelf life of a Chocolate Product (incl. butter) - "Chocolate Salami"

I have an old family recipe for something called a Chocolate Salami (don't worry, there isn't any meat) and I am wondering - if I vacuum seal it, will it be shelf stable? I know the stability of ...
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How do starches, butter and milk interact from a culinary chemistry / food technology standpoint?

I'm trying to find out how different starches behave and how they interact with other ingredients. Corn starch (Maizena), for example, will act as a thickener as soon as it reaches its gelatinization ...
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Why does my store brand butter break apart

I've been buying my store brand butter for a while now. For the past while, I've noticed that when I open the butter and slice it, it falls apart in a chunky way. Sometimes as if there were a ...
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Butterscotch Sauce consistency

I keep getting quite a mixed bag when it comes to butterscotch sauce; sometimes it's runny, sometimes it's thick (as I want it). Other times it gets lumps in it, or simply clumps to the side of the ...
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Butter vs oil in Banana bread and Zucchini bread

I've looked up a number of recipes for banana bread and zucchini bread, which I think of as pretty similar foods in terms of texture, moistness, etc. As I expected, the recipes I find online all tend ...
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Is buttercream supposed to be piped straight away?

It took me a couple of attempts before I properly beat my butter and made fluffy buttercream for my eclairs (the filling is whipped butter plus condensed milk per my recipe). I put it into the fridge, ...
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