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6 answers

Buttermilk substitute?

I've got a recipe that calls for some buttermilk, but none on-hand. Is there some way I could use some common ingredient(s) as a substitute?
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What should I use for old recipes that call for 'buttermilk'?

Old-school buttermilk is the milk left after churning butter and is not today's 'cultured buttermilk'. A recent answer to the question about what to use for 'sweet milk' mentions : Buttermilk was ...
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2 answers

Baking Powder, Baking Soda, and Yeast

I've read one cook say, "I add baking soda when I make bread using buttermilk. The buttermilk is acidic enough that it interferes with the environment that commercial yeast needs to reproduce well, ...
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18 votes
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What does "buttermilk" mean in an American pancake recipe?

I want to experiment making American style pancakes (I usually make Austrian style unleavened palatschinken). The recipe I found says "buttermilk", but I remember reading somewhere that the Americans ...
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How long does it take for buttermilk to go bad?

I love making buttermilk pancakes but I can never seem to use up my buttermilk before it passes the expiration date. The thing is, if I take a solid whiff of the "expired" buttermilk it smells great (...
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14 votes
2 answers

Why does soda bread call for buttermilk?

I've been looking for a soda bread recipe to try and I notice that most of them contain buttermilk. Buttermilk is not a standard part of my pantry. Part of the appeal of soda bread is that it's ...
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Buttermilk pancake mix is green?

I like making buttermilk pancakes but usually the batter is too much for one day, after I put the mix in the refrigerator, the mix was a greenish color the next day. Does anyone know if this means it ...
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16 votes
1 answer

How does buttermilk affect a waffle recipe?

A lot of waffle recipes call for buttermilk and some claim its addition makes superior waffles. Apart from thickening the batter and giving it a slightly acidic flavour, does its addition do anything ...
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2 answers

Pie with 2 different fillings

Good evening all. I am going to try something tomorrow night, I wanted to see if anyone had done anything similar to give me some hints. Background: I enjoy making a buttermilk custard pie. I enjoy ...
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Cooking Chemistry: lemon juice/soymilk buttermilk substitute turning bitter and 'rising'

I made a soup recipe the other night (mainly potato, spinach, and veggie broth) that called for buttermilk. I substituted soymilk and lemon juice, reading online that that was a good substitution for ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How can buttermilk marinade for raw chicken be used afterwards?

Other questions here ask about reusing chicken marinade. My question is not about reuse for a second batch but about options for using the leftover marinade immediately for another cooking purpose. I'...
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2 answers

Homemade Buffalo Sauce

I live in the Philippines where Frank's Hot sauce is frankly quite expensive. I'm planning to make a homemade Buffalo Wings sauce with Trappey's Hot sauce (which is cheaper) to sell in our ...
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What are alternate uses for leftover buttermilk? [closed]

Buttermilk is one of those pantry items that I buy for a specific recipe, then don't know what to do with the leftovers (and I think this is not uncommon). In my question about buttermilk in soda ...
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Is buttermilk another term for sour milk or some part of sour milk?

Is buttermilk another term for sour milk or some part of sour milk? says: Originally, buttermilk referred to the liquid left over from churning butter from ...
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1 answer

Is sour milk, soured milk, and milk that has gone sour, all the exact same thing?

Is sour milk, soured milk, and milk that has gone sour, all the exact same thing? Related to this question: Is buttermilk another term for sour milk or some part of sour milk? and especially this ...
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