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How do you determine the Scoville units of a salsa made with 3 kinds of peppers? [duplicate]

Do you add each Scoville unit of each and the grand total is your answer or add each Scoville unit and divide the grand total by 3? Example Jalapeno 2,500 SHU + Serrano 10,000 SHU +Arbol 15,000 =27,...
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Does peppers (capsaicin) actually burn?

I know that capsaicin just triggers a receptor TRPV1 that senses heat. Therefore makes you feel pain. But, my question is, is it just a fake sensation or there is real heat involved? Scenario 1 Eating ...
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Capsaicin Measurements

I want to make a wicked spicy dish that involves Capsaicin, and regular chicken wings. I did the research to find two answers. "Capsaicin at the right amount can kill you" and "No ...
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Is there a Scoville scale for "coldness" (e.g. mint)?

Certain foods taste hot like peppers and are measured by the Scoville scale. Some foods also taste "cold". Mint is the main one that comes to mind. Is there a similar scale for this kind of taste? If ...
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What will happen if i remove seeds from a chilli pepper before cooking?

Will it remove or reduce the capsaicin content? Is there a part of the chilli I can remove to reduce or remove the capsaicin content? Btw I know that you can use less chilli, use milder ones or bell ...
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Does capsaicin lose potency with oxidation?

I have a packet of ground garam masala and if I make a stew with it it tastes very bland and has no taste. Two of the ingredients in the garam masala include pimento and cinamom which I know contain ...
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