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Questions tagged [caramel]

Candy made by cooking sugar until it reaches 170°C (340°F). It has a golden brown color and a distinct "caramelized" flavor.

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Possible to get Sugar Syrup and Coconut Oil to solidify together (Emulsifier needed?)

I'm trying to make a 'magic-shell' like topping from burnt sugar syrup by mixing burnt sugar syrup (sugar + corn syrup heated until dark copper color, cooked with water until smooth) with coconut oil. ...
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How to correct grainy caramel corn?

I have never had trouble with this simple recipe for caramel corn until now so it is a mystery. Everything looked great(smooth consistency and taste) as I was mixing it with the popcorn right up ...
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What's the best way to caramelize a large amount of sugar?

I have an African winemaking recipe that calls for caramelizing 4kg of sugar. Each kg is about 5 cups. Most explanations call for at most 1.75 cups, so that would be about 11 batches. Is there a ...
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How long may I preserve a caramel sauce?

How long can I preserve in the fridge a sauce made of 11 oz. caramel, 1/2 cup butter and 2 T cream?'s user avatar
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How long can bagged caramel popcorn be at room temp?

The caramel sauce has 1c sugar, 6T butter and .5c cream. Sauce boiled 8-12 minutes; poured over popcorn and baked at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. This sauce recipe would cover 8-10 qts of popcorn. ...
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Using chocolate for caramel instead of butter

For caramel popcorn, what if we use a chocolate compound instead of butter for caramel. Even if it doesn't become caramel, can it be used for coating popcorn like caramel? Please suggest me if there ...
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Suggestion for re-use of slightly burned caramel sauce / Lokum

I was trying to make some Lokum, a turkish gelly sweet. You put together a sugar sauce and a mix of cornstarch and water to do it. I realized too late that the sugar sauce almost burned, and now the ...
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