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What is the net (absorbable) carb content of Psyllium Husk? [closed]

I want to make ketogenic bread with Psyllium Husk. I am confused from looking online at the nutritional value of psyllium husk. Some websites reports in the nutritional values that it has only 1.7g of ...
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Why is there such a big difference of carbs in dark chocolate?

I'm noticing that there is a huge difference of the amount of carbs in dark chocolate. For example, Lindt Excellence Cocoa 90% says: 100g chocolate: 592 kcal 55g fat 10g protein 19g carbs of which ...
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Why does the carbs / fiber ratio decrease after cooking?

According to USDA, medium grain raw brown rice has carbs and fiber at a ratio of 76g / 3.4g = 22.4. When cooked, the ratio changes to 24g / 1.8g = 13.3. Are these numbers wrong, and if not, why ...
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