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What's the difference between carob powder, flour, and kibbled carob?

The whole carob pod, the pulp and the seeds are all edible, but which parts are used for the different core products? Does carob powder contain the entire pod, or just the seeds? Is kibbled carob the ...
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Is carob bean cooked when used as a thickener?

Many yoghurts contain carob bean gum as a thickener. Does anyone know if this is raw or cooked carob bean ?
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Using carob as a substitute for cocoa

I've found a source of powdered carob. I've read that it is a substitute for cocoa, and I was wondering how this works out practically. Is it a one-to-one substitution, or should I only use it in ...
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How can I make a carob coating?

I want to make Italian Three color Christmas Cookies (like these: ). This kind of cookie is traditionally are covered in ...
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