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Were nut-cheeses developed in Greek/Bulgarian/Turkish/Balkan cuisine traditionally?

Some vegan hard cheeses or cheese-like spreads made from nuts like Almond or Cashew are often marketed as "Greek style" or other "Balkan style". Were nut-cheeses developed in ...
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Hard, store-bought cashews

I love cashews, I find them very nice and soft and really creamy like texture and they're the only nut I can eat right now. I'm wondering recently I bought up a brand new container of cashews, but ...
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Are these cashew nuts mouldy?

I accidentally had some of these nuts without looking properly and I am now quite worried. They tasted fine - no rancid or obvious bitter taste. Are the darkened bits leftover parts of the shell (i.e. ...
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Cashew flour in Kaju Katli

All of the recipies for Kaju Katli I've looked at says I should make my own cashew powder but I was wondering if I could substitute it with store bought cashew flour. I'm not sure what the difference ...
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Why do my stored cashews smell like fish?

I have a 30 Oz plastic jar of Roasted, Unsalted Archer Farms Cashew Nuts. I've noticed that after having it 'open' for a week or two (i.e. the lid is tightly screwed onto the jar, but the initial ...
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Are fresh, raw cashews different from store-bought?

I have a pen pal in Brazil (is it still a pen pal if we e-mail? anyway...) and knowing that I like nuts sent me some cashews. Apparently there is a cashew farm near enough to her that she went right ...
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