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Questions about cookware made out of cast iron

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How is my cast iron wok manufactured?

I recently purchased a cast iron wok made in China. It is manufactured in a way that is supposedly very common in China. However, I'm puzzled by the differences between this cast iron wok and other ...
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Looking for stovetop sandwich maker

I'm looking to find a stovetop sandwich maker that seals the sides and bisects them into two triangles (possibly called "jaffles"1). We used to have a countertop sandwich maker that looked ...
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cooldown chemistry of seasoning cast iron with flaxseed

So I have started seasoning cookware with thin layers of flaxseed oil as per the advice from @sheryl_canter with simply outstanding results. Thank you Sheryl! I have a mountain of pans to process so I'...
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Reseasoning Cast Iron

I just stumbled on the site while searching for an answer. I'm hoping one of you can provide an answer. I bought a brand new pan that is factory seasoned and I didn't strip it off. I used vegetable ...
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Scale build up on outside of cast iron skillet

I have an old used cast iron skillet that is good on the inside but it has build up lumps on the outside. How do I get that off?
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Is anyone aware of cast iron pots and pans that are enameled on the exterior with plain cast iron (no enamel, no non-stick) interiors?

Looking for a brand of cast iron pans that is enameled on the outside, but with a bare iron interior. In other words no enamel, no ceramic, no non-stick on the inside. (so it is less likely to scratch ...
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Residue on a new hard-nitriding cast iron skillet

I have just purchased a new hard-nitriding cast iron skillet at a HomeGoods store (Brandani brand), and i'm having problems cleaning it before the first use. I've spent hours and hours washing it with ...
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Keeping food warm: Do double duty with heated dinner plate and enameled cast iron sizzle "charger" plate?

Will using both a heated dinner plate and an enameled cast iron sizzle plate as a charger (under the dinner plate) keep food warm for an appreciably longer time than simply heating the dinner plate or ...
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