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My roasted vegetables turned out soggy, can I roast them again to make them crispy?

I was attempting to roast a head of cauliflower with olive oil and seasonings so it comes out crispy. Following the instructions, I roasted it for 35 minutes at 450°F (the recipe said 30 minutes, but ...
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Does cauliflower have to be parboiled before cauliflower cheese?

Most online recipes suggest parboiling. However, what are the benefits as it will be roasting for 30 minutes in an oven?
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How to make cauliflower pizza crust without using parmesan cheese?

I want to make cauliflower pizza crust for keto diet, but all the recipes I have seen on internet require a lot of parmesan cheese, which is too expensive for me. So I want to look for a cheaper ...
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Clear soup with snow globe flakes

I've been searching for years to no avail for a clear cauliflower and blue cheese broth soup. It looks like those Snow Globes, the one's you shake. The cauliflower snows in the dish each mouthful. I ...
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Baking cauliflower with potatoes

I like to cook a very simple recipe for roasted potatoes: I peel and cut potatoes to cubes, mix them in a sauce of olive oil, garlic and sweet paprika and place in the oven for about an hour under ...
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Why does my cauliflower puree taste mustardy after two days?

I recently made cauliflower puree following this recipe. I put florets of cauliflower in a microwave oven safe pot, together with some butter and some milk, and cooked it till more or less tender. ...
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Why does eating cauliflower with spicy food help to take away the spciy burning feeling in your mouth?

Why does eating cauliflower with spicy food help to take away the spciy burning feeling in your mouth?
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Clear cauliflower and blue cheese soup - how to get it clear

I am trying to recreate a Cauliflower and Blue Cheese soup I had many years ago (at a ski resort - the private chef wouldn't tell/sell me the secret recipe). All the recipes I have tried end up being ...
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What is considered to be an ideal roasting time and temperature for Cauliflower?

If I just want to make the simplest roasted cauliflower, what is the best temperature and roasting time? I have never roasted it, only boiled and fried it before.
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Freeze cauliflower?

I didn't have any issues putting broccoli in the freezer and warming it up again. Worked great. Can you do that with cauliflower, though?
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How to deep fry cauliflower?

I tried to deep fry cauliflowers (without breading; I am NOT making tempura), but they turned out soft. I have seen that done on TV where cauliflowers are freshly deep-fried and turn out to be ...
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Cooking Cauliflower so it doesn't fall apart?

How do you avoid cauliflower from being so delicate? I cook it and it often falls apart. I heard there's a way from stopping it from doing this. P.S. Often we boil it, and cook it with a little of ...
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Why do brassicas like cauliflower or brussels sprouts sometimes taste bitter, and (how) can I avoid it?

Cauliflower or Brussels Sprouts sometimes taste slightly bitter after cooking. Is this some mistake in the way they are cooked or is that just the vegetables themselves?
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How to clean cauliflower?

I have asked many people about "best to way to clean cauliflower" before cooking. I got several answers, like keeping in salt water or add soak in turmeric mixed water. And also how do you remove ...
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