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2 answers

Best Texture for Vegan Ceviche

Which main ingredient is most reminiscent of fish for Ceviche? Recipes out there with hearts of palm, tofu, cauli and young coconut. Or some other? I hated fish when young, and certainly won't try it ...
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Swordfish Ceviche

I messed up my ceviche. I totally forgot to use frozen fish ( I used swordfish). I did The whole process until I realized my mistake. Should I throw it in the garbage? Or washed and freeze it.. or ...
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2 answers

Fish quality for ceviche

In the US, can I buy fish from any reputable fishmonger for ceviche, or should I be using sushi-grade fish?
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Using heat to cook (mock) ceviche

Although I love ceviche I'm worried about possible health issues caused by eating raw fish. I know that freezing it at -20° C for at least 24 hours would be effective against Anisakiasis and reduce (...
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What is missing in this recipe for Peruvian fish ceviche?

I've tried fish ceviche from many Peruvian restaurants where I live (Houston TX), and they seem to taste about the same. So I tried to recreate their secret recipe but there's something missing. For ...
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Pomegranate juice ceviche

I want to make a ceviche and although the 'traditional' acids are lemon and lime, I have a desire to use pomegranate juice but I'm concerned that the pH is too low to denature the proteins in the fish....
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7 answers

How long does ceviche keep?

We just made ceviche with ahi tuna, lots of lime juice, avocado, onion, cilantro and jalapeño. It's wonderful. Unfortunately we made too much. Now, I've never made it before and want to know about how ...
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Mexican ceviche vs. Japanese sashimi

Except for the different flavours, how similar is Mexican ceviche to the Japanese sashimi. Do they have the same basis and the same fish types?
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3 answers

What north atlantic fish can we use to make a good ceviche?

I am planning to do a ceviche entrée in Ireland but I am limited in the choice of seafood and most likely won't find Peruvian/Pacific ones. Any recommendations for? substitutes
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Cebiche dinner considered harmful

I've been in Peru recently and enjoyed a lot of very good meals. Cebiches and tiraditos were among the best. However, as it was a short business trip, luncheons were usually short and quick, so we ...
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What type of fish would be best suited for a trio pairing of sashimi, crudo and ceviche?

I am preparing a trio of fish to exemplify the different ways and methods of preparing fish without cooking it in a traditional manner. The three ways I am preparing said fish will be Sashimi, Crudo, ...
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Is it safe to eat freshwater fish raw?

According to this question freshwater fish should not be used in Ceviche--why not?
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