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Improving my microwave chai tea - Suggestions?

Making chai tea in a microwave (youtube) This is a scrappy version of chai tea I made in an office microwave with things available in the pantry - a (black) tea bag and hot water and milk from the ...
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Chai Latte With Extra "Chai" Flavor

I'm currently using the following recipe to make Chai lattes: 12 oz vanilla soy milk 6 oz water 1+ tbsp chai mix (2.5 parts cinnamon, 1 part each of cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger) 2 ...
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Want to supply Hot Indian Tea to few companies, How can I keep it hot for hours withot losing taste

I Tried Milton 3ltr with press button on it but after few hours the taste gets change. I want a right product to keep it fresh as prepared for more then 6 hours. What's the right way to do that so ...
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Which appliance to use for masala chai?

Many regions have special devices or at least custom namings to brew tea and similar beverages: Teapot in Western countries Caydalnik in Turkey Samovar in Russia Samavar in Kashmir Is there any ...
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When to add Milk powder while preparing a cup of Tea (Chai)?

Tea is prepared by adding water+sugar+tea powder in a bowl, and boiled it properly. After pouring into the cup, I added 2 spoon of milk powder (Nestle product) and stirred up well. But I found big ...
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Can alcohol extraction be used to draw more of the spice flavors out in chai tea concentrate?

I make chai concentrate by: Quickly boiling ginger puree twice (each time for about 20-30 minutes). Boiling the spices (bruised/coarse-ground) for about an hour, removing the liquid, then repeating ...
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Getting flavor to stick in milk tea

Specifically I've been trying to add some condensed milk to Chai, but it seems no matter what I do all I get is the same flavor in slightly differently-colored water as before. Basic procedure I've ...
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How to make a brewed tea at work?

The way I make tea at home is per the following: 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup milk (or sometimes 3/8 cup) 2 teaspoons of tea 3-4 spoons of sugar Few inches of ginger Mint (occasionally) I put all of them ...
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Should I use dried or fresh chilli/ginger in chai tea?

Well, the question is in the title really. What are the pros/cons? I'm making some concentrate by cooking it for a long time.
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Why do we boil whole spices when making masala tea?

I've heard that people prepare chai masala by boiling whole spices instead of using a ground masala spice mix. After preparing it with whole spices, I doubt that 10 minutes of boiling will release ...
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How is the chai latte in Starbucks made?

I can brew my own chai latte (without the foam machine). It smells great with different types of spice. However, it just doesn't seems to reach the taste of the chai latte from Starbucks. The chai ...
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Ways to speed up this chai recipe?

This site has what looks to be a good recipe for homemade "Chai" spiced tea; however, it requires a lot of prep and won't work with my current routine, which is the modern English style tea ...
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How to modify a quick bread recipe to add spice / tea flavors?

I have a trusty pumpkin bread that I make countless loaves of every year. My wife and I love Chai Tea and I was curious how one could go about adapting the linked recipe above to include Chai spices ...
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How do I make chai latte at home?

I want to be able to make chai latte at home, but I don't have an espresso machine, and I don't really know if it is worth buying one just for an occasional drink. Is there a way to froth the milk ...
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Does Boiling Water, Instead of Warm Water, Hurt the Flavor of Tea/Hot Chocolate

I have a counter-top water kettle that I frequently use to boil water for tea, hot chocolate, and powdered drinks (e.g. chai). I don't think anything of it when the water starts boiling and keeps on ...
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