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Questions tagged [cheese-making]

Questions about the ingredients, methods, and equipment used to turn milk into cheese.

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17 votes
4 answers

How do you make paneer?

I've seen the ingredient list of a brand of paneer with an ingredient list of: Milk, Citric Acid. Ok, so what is the process from there? I have a few specific questions: What kind of milk do you need?...
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4 answers

Cheese from UHT Milk

I live in a town where fresh or whole milk is not readily available. I was wondering if I could make cheese from UHT Milk. If so, what kind of cheese and what method I should use? Or rather, Should I?
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18 votes
2 answers

What determines how well cheese melts

I have had my fair share of eating cheese and experimenting with them. Sometimes they come out heavenly while other times, it turn out to be a huge flop. Usually when it flops, it's because I am ...
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15 votes
12 answers

Making (or substitute for) ricotta cheese?

Some of my favorite dishes call for ricotta cheese, be it anything from a lasagna to cannoli. Arguably, this is a very easy thing to find in the States (and presumably elsewhere), so I'd never thought ...
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3 answers

Can you make cheese curds with pasteurized milk?

I have this recipe for cheese curds that I want to try:, but it specifically calls for raw milk which is near to impossible to get here. ...
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4 answers

How many times can cheesecloth be reused?

I've only needed to use cheesecloth a few times in the kitchen and was curious to know if it's reusable. If so, how is it cleaned and how many times can it be reused?
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10 votes
4 answers

Fabric to be used for cheesecloth

I want to make my own cheesecloth as to aid the make of Paneer. Is there any type of fabric I should avoid or any other pitfalls to avoid? Can I use just general cotton and will this be effective in ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Failing to make mozzarella

So i've taken it on me to make fresh mozzarella. I've read up on the task in some articles and with multiple recipes but for some reason I never succeed. The seperated curds always stay little crumbs ...
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6 votes
3 answers

how do I make my goat cheese creamy?

I tried to make goat cheese following the recipe below, I did not use any buttermilk although a comment indicated that could be done. I kept the milk at the desired temperature for 10-15 minutes with ...
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2 answers

Doing túró at home

Is there a way to do túró (a Hungarian quark cheese/curd with a very specific taste) at home? I miss that specific taste and I've not found a cheese in Italy that approximate it (not even local quark ...
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Cream Cheese vs Yogurt Cheese: what / how much difference does the bacteria make?

This recipe for homemade cream cheese looks extremely similar to making yogurt and then straining it. In fact, the final step for culturing the milk goes: After 12 to 18 hours, the cheese should look ...
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