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Questions tagged [cheese-making]

Questions about the ingredients, methods, and equipment used to turn milk into cheese.

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Mozzarella turned out super rubbery

I recently tried making four batches of mozzarella, all of which turned out like a rubber band. The first three times around I used a one-hour recipe, but tried less rennet and a longer setting time ...
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How much of powdered rennet should I use when making mozzarella out of 2 liters of unpasteurized milk?

I bought a bottle of powdered rennet as shown in the image but without a manual on how to use. I am learning how to make cheese, and I have a local store who sell ...
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Using cultured buttermilk to introduce cultures to cheese

I have read recently that you can instead of using cultured developed in a lab you can get cultured buttermilk and use the cultures in that for your cheese making. I'm just wondering how effective ...
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