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Questions tagged [cheese]

Questions about the identification, use, storage, and sometimes production of cheese.

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White spots of mould in the blue mould on the outside of my blue cheese

There are white spots of mould in the blue mould on the outside of my blue cheese. Is this normal? My cheese cave runs at 60F with 85 to 90% humidity. I took this pic today, after the cheese has been ...
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Why is my cheese sauce sweet?

I have made cheese sauce before and it has never been sweet. No problem with butter and flour and then I added milk like before. White sauce was fine. So I added cheese. Yes it was a package of ...
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Will lemon in a cheese dip work like melting salt?

I was looking at recipes for cheese dips and sauces. One of them mentioned that the specified lemon juice would make it 'markedly' more digestible. (The recipe is for Nacho dip (in German) and uses 1 ...
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How is Paneer Melting in Cheena Poda dessert?

In this (16:09) Video the Master Chef Chintan Pandya has made a delicious dessert "Cheena Poda" in which the cheena (Paneer) seems to melt. Which is not possible because while making paneer ...
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Aging cheese contaminates levain

I took my levain from the fridge, fed it and put it in the counter, besides a cheese which is aging. The levain pot had no lid and the cheese has a cloth mesh over it. One day later the levain did not ...
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What to do with cheese that has fermented after vacuum packing?

While in England two weeks ago I bought a Wensleydale cheese with cranberries that was freshly vacuum packed. Over time, the pack filled with air (without breaking the seal). Upon opening the pack, ...
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How much penne pasta for 10 trays (20x12)

I need to make 10 large party trays (20x12) of baked pasta with three kinds of cheese for 200 people. Please suggest the following: How many lbs of pasta I will need per tray? tips to make/boil such ...
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How much of powdered rennet should I use when making mozzarella out of 2 liters of unpasteurized milk?

I bought a bottle of powdered rennet as shown in the image but without a manual on how to use. I am learning how to make cheese, and I have a local store who sell ...
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Cheese cookie doughs and proportions

Cheese cookie recipes I looked at use varying ingredients and ratios. Having never baked before, I'd like to know what those do to the result and what the gamut of workable variation in proportions is....
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Can warm pecorino grow listeria?

So my mom ordered some pecorino Romano and it came wrapped in insulated bags, foil and ice packs that had melted. The cheese appeared wet inside the vacuum sealed bag Can pecorino grow listeria after ...
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What is the benefit of adding vegetable oil to cheese cake dough?

I recently baked a cheese cake and decided to leave out the oil in the recipe. I expected it to be drier than the one with oil added to the dough but found that this seems not to be the case.
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