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Can I use maraschino cherrys in a dump cake when it calls for cherry pie filling?

Can the cherry pie filling be replaced with maraschino cherries in a Crock-Pot cherry pineapple dump cake n is there any thing different with the directions if I use the maraschino cherries?
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Can you make extracts faster by heating the alcohol?

I tried making cherry extract recently by storing cherries and vodka in a jar, but after 2 weeks, it was more like cherry flavored vodka than extract. Some extract recipes I've seen suggest letting ...
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Why might beautiful looking morello cherries be tasteless?

I've just eaten the most beautiful looking morello cherries grown in Kent (England} but they were tasteless! Why?
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Can sour cherries be used in a semi-stable bar?

I have recently learned that my carb intake is insufficient, leading to so-called "glycogen depletion" while cycling. I have possibly spent too much time around folks who boast of equating a ...
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Poisonous Escoffier recipe?

I found a strange recipe in Escoffiers's Guide Culinaire: 2939 - CHERRY WATER Stone two lbs. of very ripe cherries, and rub them through a sieve. Put the purée into a basin with the stones crushed in ...
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Cherries + 2% salt + 1 week at room temperature =?

Around a week ago I had a tray of leftover cherries. I rinsed them, cut them in half and took the stone out, mixed them with 2% by volume Kosher salt and vacuum sealed them. I then left them on a ...
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Does the "plunger" type cherry-pitter work?

In short has anyone tried this type: ... of cherry pitter? (example of the type). Machinery for pitting cherries is a real art form. Anyone know if these work? What concerns me is that: with the ...
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Should I thaw cherries for a sour cream cherry pie?

I have a bag of frozen cherries and want to bake a pie with them, adding creme fraiche. I'll probably use a recipe intended for sour cream, as they are easier to find. But they tend to use fresh ...
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How can I pit cherries easily and neatly?

I would like to make a recipe I have found for Cherry Clafoutis. But, I have never had any luck pitting cherries. I leave a lot of the cherry flesh attached to the pits, or I just rough the cherries ...
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Am I supposed to eat frozen cherries directly

I just got a bag of frozen cherries. Are they supposed to eat directly, or after they are unfrozen, or after I cook them? I have never eaten frozen berries before, but just fresh berries.
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How much do I reduce the sugar when using a sweeter fruit in a pie filling?

I've got a surplus of Bing cherries at the moment, since they're in season and therefore on sale everywhere. I have a handful of made-from-scratch cherry pie filling, but most call for tart cherries (...
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Using previously frozen salsa

I hope this isn't off base because I'm not asking for recipes, just suggestions that I might not have thought of. I made a HUGE batch of roasted cherry salsa (like normal salsa but where all the ...
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How are maraschino cherries pitted?

How are mass-produced maraschino cherries pitted? I looked on wikipedia, but it doesn't mention much about pitting.
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Making cherry ice cream, should I macerate the cherries?

I am going to be making cherry ice cream, I haven't used cherries before but in making strawberry ice cream I have always macerated the berries. Should I do the same for cherries, the few recipes I ...
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What to do with too-bitter sorbet?

I made cherry sorbet according to a recipe, only to find that the cherries I'd bought have a strongly bitter taste to them (not unusual for cherries in my experience). Now the sorbet tastes strongly ...
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What can I do with a large amount of glacé cherries? [closed]

I accidentally bought 1 kg of glacé cherries instead of the dried cherries which I meant to buy. Aside from fruitcake, which I hate, is there anything I can do to use these up?
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How to avoid 'fake tasting' fruit

I made a batch of cherry ice cream last night and for some reason it seems to taste like I have used cherry flavouring/syrup rather than the actual cherries which were used instead. The cherries ...
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How to make your own glazed cherries?

Glazed/candied cherries, the sort that sits nicely on top of a sundae. I don't like the look of the packaged ones in my local supermarket, is there an easy way to create my own? Also, how to best pit ...
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