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Reducing dried chestnuts to size of corn kernel

We had a great Chestnut crop this year and would like to make Chestnut flour. I dried about 4 Mason Jars of nuts in a dehydrator. Before I use our Nutrimill, we need to reduce (smash is more like it)...
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Is the hairy skin below a chestnut’s tough skin poisonous?

Disclaimer: As I live in a tropical country, I have never seen chestnuts before. I was experimenting with chestnuts, after i roasted and peeled them, I read that you’re not supposed to eat the hairy ...
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3 answers

Is there a reason to not just cut chestnuts through before cooking them?

Most instruction on cooking chestnuts (I'm going to boil them specifically) tell you to score them with an X. I know this is so the steam from the inside has somewhere to escape. If I'm fine with ...
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Are these chestnuts safe to eat? [duplicate]

I bought some chestnuts last week. The package date said December 4th and I want to cook them. It's the 5th today. I kept them out on kitchen counter all week. Are they safe to cook and eat still? If ...
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Possible to cook chestnuts on a wood burning stove?

I know that if you have the right kind of device you are supposed to roast them over the open flame in the fire. Unfortunately I don't have one of those, so I'm curious if I can throw them in a pan, ...
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Marron glacé / Candied chestnuts breaking up. How to avoid this?

I always use frozen chestnuts to make marrons glacés since I can find those all year long (not only during winter) and because they're already pealed. I can cook them in simmering water without making ...
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25 votes
4 answers

How to peel chestnuts?

The chestnuts on an open fire question reminded me: Is there a trick to peeling chestnuts easily? I always end up with bits of hairy skin stuck to the chestnuts (ick), and/or stuck under my ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How to roast chestnuts on an open fire?

I have never managed to successfully roast chestnuts on an open fire. I tend to end up with charred chestnuts, which are inedible. Is there a good technique for this?
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3 answers

Is there a good technique for cooking chestnuts?

I would like to make my own puree and would like to know of any ways that might be recommended for cooking them first. I tried the oven once and they started exploding: Ideas?
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Can I make my own chestnut puree?

I've got a recipe that calls for chestnut puree. I live in Australia and it's proving difficult to find. Chestnuts on the other hand are pretty easy to find so I googled around to see if I could find ...
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