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Questions tagged [chicken]

Questions about handling, preparing, or cooking chicken, either whole or parts.

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Difficulty Working with Koji

I've made a shio koji "starter" using koji-inoculated rice grains, salt, and water, and have added fresh rice to it once in a while to keep it living and fed. I've heard many chefs and home cooks talk ...
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Sesame Chicken with Gravy

Okay, so this is going to be one of "those" questions. There was a Chinese restaurant in my town when I was younger. It went out of business, reopened out of town, sold to new owners and they have ...
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Can chicken stock be used as the basis of a savoury loaf?

I have a surplus of jelly like chicken stock. I hope to mix it with flour, baking soda and eggs, with some herbs and spices, to make a savoury loaf.
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Does quanity of chicken tikka cut on skews need a certain amount of coal?

We do a lot of chicken tikka cut on skews and using Bar-Be-Quick lumpwood, which comes in bags of 10, each bags is 1.35 kg. When doing bbq, is there a propotion to how much bags I should use for x ...
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How to keep drop dumplings from soaking up all the liquid while holding to be served

My wife and I have been doing a little catering and want to make our chicken and dumplings but we are not for sure how to keep the dumplings from soaking up all the broth. We use Bisquick to make our ...
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What parts of chicken contain suet?

I don’t know if suet is the right term but I think i think chicken has those white bits which are referred to as suet in meat. What parts of chicken has this? I think I like it.
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slow cooking with tabasco peppers

I'm cooking 4.5 lb of chicken in a slow cooker. I've yielded some tabasco peppers from the garden, poked holes in them with a fork, and add them to the liquid. Will this blow me out of the water? Will ...
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Why did my chicken skin came out papery and dry?

I seared some chicken thighs in the oven (400f, top position with some olive oil and plenty kosher salt) and waited until the skin became golden brown (and thus seared) instead they came out like this:...
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In Belgium or from where to buy this grill over rack, steamer rack?

I have this microoven which has grill functionality. But to grill chicken like following picture: i do not have that stand (steamer rack) which is holding the chicken on top. Do you know in Europe/...
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What relationship exists between a rooster and broken egg yolks?

I regularly purchase fresh chicken eggs from a small farm located inside Richmond, Virginia city limits, about three miles from the outdoor market where they are sold. These farmers are diligent and ...
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Help identify a chicken peruvian (?) dish

In 2019 a dish was served to me (in the Iquitos area if it helps), which I can't find anywhere, since I don't know it's name. I only remember that it was chicken thighs (maybe also wings), in a brown ...
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Why didn't honey soy chicken breast brown?

I cooked chicken breasts in my countertop convection oven with a honey and soy sauce mixture and they didn't brown at all. I guess the honey and soy slid right off. Is marinading the way to make it ...
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Applying a wet rub/marinade after a dry rub for chicken?

I recently cooked some chicken with a dry "brine"/"rub" of Indian spices and salt to great results. It was crispy and moist. My question is: is it worth it to apply a wet marinade after a dry "brine"?...
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Questions on frying Chicken breasts

Is the oil temperature limited to 350 or 375. How do I Dry Brine chicken? Is there a rule of thumb for how much seasoning is used? Do I use more seasoning in the marinade than in the flour mixture?
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