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How does velveting work?

The Chinese technique of velveting works. It creates a lusciously tender bit of meat, and I'm a complete advocate of making the small additional effort. If you've ever done it, you're already a ...
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What's the secret for Chinese fried rice?

I see a lot of recipes for fried rice, but never seem to be able to give the gorgeous lightly browned color (and therefore flavor) to my rice. This is before adding soy sauce or anything else. Is ...
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How should baking soda be used to tenderize meat?

At some Chinese restaurants, I've had beef dishes where the meat was unusually tender. It also has a somewhat unusual texture, which is hard to describe. I understand that this is a result of using ...
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How do restaurants make chicken fried rice? What ingredient am I missing?

Everytime I try to make chicken fried rice like I get at the take out place it never tastes like it does when they make it. We all know the basic ingredients Rice (1 day old), Chicken, Green Onions, ...
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How do Chinese restaurants tenderize their meat?

I eat at a lot of Chinese restaurants now and also while growing up. I often wondered how is it that the chicken, pork, and beef in dishes are always so tender. I can never replicate it when I cook. ...
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What kind of rice is used in Chinese cooking?

I love the Chinese food we get from takeaway shops, and often to save on the cost we will cook our own rice at home. This is good, but the rice never seems to have the same texture as takeaway rice - ...
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Can I substitute baking soda for kansui powder?

Related: What does kansui do to dough in noodle making? I'm looking to make my own 拉面-style noodles. I've read up a lot about kansui and making your own kansui with a powder mix of sodium and ...
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Chinese cooking troubleshooting: still biting into pieces of ginger

I'm trying my hand at Chinese cooking. I doctored a mung bean soup that otherwise turned out okay. I took the spices, veg, added them to stock, waited till boiling over medium heat then simmered away ...
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Why is cheese never used in Americanized Chinese food?

While working weekends in an Americanized Chinese food restaurant I realized while many ingredients are used, no dishes contain cheese. This seems to be the case for every chinese dish I have ever ...
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What is wok hai and how do I get it in my food?

There is something special about food cooked in a wok called wok hai? What is it and how do I get my food to have it?
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Reducing the moisture in cooked rice for making fried rice

I am aware that in order for fried rice in Asian dishes to have the typical consistency and texture, it is best to use rice that has been cooked and stored for at least 24 hours. However, it's often ...
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Stir fry rice clumps

I love stir fried rice but can't get close to restaurant quality. Mine seems to clump or turn almost gummy. What can I do to improve the texture?
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Vegetarian replacement for pork mince in Chinese style stir fry

In Chinese cuisine it's very common to start a vegetable stir fry with a bit of minced meat, typically pork, to give the dish a deeper flavor. To make a vegetarian version I usually just leave this ...
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Why are many chinese sauces so dark?

I've noticed that many sauces used in chinese cooking (hoisin, oyster, bean etc.) are relatively dark, and often black in color. What's the reason these sauces are so dark? Does it have something to ...
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Chinese pork jerky: what makes them so tender, how do you make it?

If you've ever had Chinese beef or pork jerky, you'll know why I'm asking this question. If you have a Chinatown in your city, I'm sure you'll be able to find a market that sells them in vacuum sealed ...
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How to cook Lo Mein?

I just moved to China and I would like to cook some lo mein ( chinese noodles ), this is the easiest way to get some veg. food here :) The lo mein I bought are not the fresh ones but the dry ones. ...
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How can I make Chinese chicken fingers like in the northeast USA?

Does anyone know how to duplicate the chicken fingers found at Chinese restaurants in the Boston area? The batter on them is very puffy, and doesn't really conform to the shape of the chicken. Google ...
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What is the Chinese celery and cabbage appetizer called and how is it made?

My favorite Chinese restaurant for 30 years closed a few months ago. Back many years ago they had an appetizer that they served when you were seated that was excellent. It was very simple, only ...
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Can an induction hob heat a wok as much as a gas burner?

I have often heard it said that it's essential to use a gas burner for cooking fried rice because you need to get the wok very hot, and only a gas burner has that kind of heat. (they're referring to ...
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Can a "regular" eggplant be substituted for a chinese eggplant in a recipe?

I'm going to attempt this hot and sour chinese eggplant recipe which calls for chinese eggplant. However, I only have a "regular" eggplant that you find in the typical American grocery store. Can ...
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How can I make perfect sticky rice?

I have a couple of weeks off of school, and thought I would try my hand at some dim sum, specifically lotus leaf wraps, but first I need to figure out how to make the sticky rice. So: What type of ...
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What do the numbers used to differentiate Chinese slicer knives mean?

I have a Chinese slicer knife which I bought quite a few years ago, but never much used, it is a stainless steel 3 rams number 2. I am doing more Chinese cooking now, but when reading in my cooking ...
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What is a more common substitute for Shaoxing cooking wine?

I have never cooked with Shaoxing wine, so I'm not sure what would be its best substitute.
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Panda Express style Chow Mein

I find myself addicted to Chow Mein served at Panda Express, and have tried cooking it several times, failing each time. I have followed these recipes:
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Why do HK chefs let water faucets run unceasingly, when the basin overflows?

Doesn't this waste water? I screen-shot 7:45 of Executive Chef Sze Man Sui at Yè Shanghai on Kowloon Hong Kong. and 0:42 of Paul Lau at Tin Lung Heen, Ritz-Carlton HK.
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Questions about shaoxing wine

What kind of shaoxing wine should I be looking to buy? My supermarket has shaohsing rice cooking wine which has salt added. After looking online, there seem to be people saying that the added salt ...
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