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Is there a way to get rid of that sulfur-y, fart-bomb-like smell form cooking daikon?

Made a chinese-style daikon soup in a pressure cooker, and it left an sulfury odor reminiscent to a subtle fart bomb. I know veges and roots that have sulfuric compounds tend to do this. Is there a ...
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Sesame Chicken with Gravy

Okay, so this is going to be one of "those" questions. There was a Chinese restaurant in my town when I was younger. It went out of business, reopened out of town, sold to new owners and they have ...
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How to make Chinese thousand-layer cake/bun/bread/mochi that puffs up?

The following video shows a frozen disk grilled for a few minutes and flipped, and the result puffs up 2-3cm/1". Very nice. Here's a ...
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Should I be able use a metal wok spatula on a seasoned wok?

After a couple months of cooking with a wok my uncle gave me because he didn't use it, I was very pleased to see it seemed to be developing a nice patina. I cook with it, soak for a few minutes if ...
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Potato Starch Coating water to starch ratio?

I made some General Tso's Chicken last night using a batter of potato starch and water then frying in peanut oil. I used just enough water to wet the starch and make it somewhat pliable but if I let ...'s user avatar
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