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Orange sauce for goose

I've been to this wonderful Chinese place where they served goose in orange sauce/gravy. I've been looking for a recipe for it all over the Internet, but everything I found looked pretty far from it. ...
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What do you need for Chinese style Hotpot at home?

I love going to hotpot at the restaurant. How can I do it at home? What sort of equipment do I need?
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Can anyone identify this Chinese candy?

We just grabbed our customary mint on our way out of the Asian Bistro by our house but when we opened it, it wasn't a mint and the wrapper was almost all in Chinese (I think). It was an Asian bistro, ...
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What defines a gui chow dish in Chinese cuisine?

A restaurant near me makes a delicious dish they call Gui Chow Beef, which I want to reproduce. I've found some alternate spellings as "gui zhou" and even "aui zhau," but I've yet to find a recipe ...
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What is the difference between "Mongolian Grill" and "Hibachi"?

For years I have been frequenting Chinese restaurants that feature "Mongolian Grill" (or Mongolian BBQ depending on the location). Recently I tried a new place that had (what they called) "Hibachi", ...
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How to create the best veg noodles?

I am newbie to cooking, I will have to create veg noodles , I am following this tutorial, I want to know what are the add-ons I can add it to make it testy and best. Thanks,
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Is Indian food more expensive to prepare than Chinese food?

Based on my subjective experience, Indian food at restaurants is more expensive than Chinese. This seems to hold across restaurant classes, low end takeout is a buck or two more then Chinese takeout, ...
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2 answers

Chinese Hoppin' John

In the American South, Hoppin' John is a popular New Year's meal. In honor of the Chinese New Year, I would like to make a Chinese variation on Hoppin' John. In place of bacon, I thought I'd use BBQ ...
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Why are many chinese sauces so dark?

I've noticed that many sauces used in chinese cooking (hoisin, oyster, bean etc.) are relatively dark, and often black in color. What's the reason these sauces are so dark? Does it have something to ...
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How can I make perfect sticky rice?

I have a couple of weeks off of school, and thought I would try my hand at some dim sum, specifically lotus leaf wraps, but first I need to figure out how to make the sticky rice. So: What type of ...
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How can I cook my dumplings without a bamboo steamer?

My company is having a potluck. I want to make Chinese dumplings, but the dumplings I make require a bamboo steamer and pot to cook. I have a steamer that I use at home, but at work, I have no ...
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What's the secret for Chinese fried rice?

I see a lot of recipes for fried rice, but never seem to be able to give the gorgeous lightly browned color (and therefore flavor) to my rice. This is before adding soy sauce or anything else. Is ...
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Should I make my own Hoisin Sauce?

My local Asian Food Warehouse sells a few varieties of Hoison sauce that vary wildly in price. That got me thinking why? Are there different qualities in prepared Hoisin sauces? If so, would I be ...
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What is the ingredient that gives a sichuan (szechuan) hot pot the mouth numbing experience?

I'm curious if it is from the Sichuan peppercorns.
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What kind of rice is used in Chinese cooking?

I love the Chinese food we get from takeaway shops, and often to save on the cost we will cook our own rice at home. This is good, but the rice never seems to have the same texture as takeaway rice - ...
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How can I make Chinese chicken fingers like in the northeast USA?

Does anyone know how to duplicate the chicken fingers found at Chinese restaurants in the Boston area? The batter on them is very puffy, and doesn't really conform to the shape of the chicken. Google ...
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Chinese pork jerky: what makes them so tender, how do you make it?

If you've ever had Chinese beef or pork jerky, you'll know why I'm asking this question. If you have a Chinatown in your city, I'm sure you'll be able to find a market that sells them in vacuum sealed ...
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Can a "regular" eggplant be substituted for a chinese eggplant in a recipe?

I'm going to attempt this hot and sour chinese eggplant recipe which calls for chinese eggplant. However, I only have a "regular" eggplant that you find in the typical American grocery store. Can ...
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How can I make Chinese Fried Rice like they do on the East Coast?

I've been living in California for about 14 years and really miss the Chinese fried rice I would get at Chinese restaurants on the East Coast (Boston in specific). The fried rice I get at Chinese ...
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2 answers

What is wok hai and how do I get it in my food?

There is something special about food cooked in a wok called wok hai? What is it and how do I get my food to have it?
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How do you develop the knife skills to properly use a Chinese cleaver?

So I have recently been moving into the world of Asian cuisine, and I recently learned that the Chinese use a cleaver as though it is a chef's knife. Apparently, it is a great multitasker but ...
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How should baking soda be used to tenderize meat?

At some Chinese restaurants, I've had beef dishes where the meat was unusually tender. It also has a somewhat unusual texture, which is hard to describe. I understand that this is a result of using ...
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How is congee made?

Does anyone know how to make the congee like those in Dim Sum/Yum Cha restaurants?
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Stir fry rice clumps

I love stir fried rice but can't get close to restaurant quality. Mine seems to clump or turn almost gummy. What can I do to improve the texture?
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4 answers

Peking Duck Sauce

I have just visited China (Beijing). There I had Peking Duck which was wonderful. They served it with a sauce - sort of sweet, brown and thick. I was wondering if anyone has a name for this sauce as ...
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2 answers

How do I cook ribs Chinese style?

I love Chinese style ribs. They seem to have a sweet plum flavour/fragrance to them and the meat seems to be caramelised. I'd like to try this at home, how are they prepared and cooked?
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