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How to prevent filling getting squeezed out of chocolate coated candies?

I made some chocolate coated peanut butter candy-eggs, and after I dipped the first egg in chocolate and set it on the rack to cool, the filling is getting squeezed out. How can I prevent this? For ...
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Can I freeze Brownie Truffles?

I’d like to make truffles with brownie crumbs and ganache and freeze the balls to be rolled in cocoa powder or nuts when thawed. Has anyone done this?
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what size foil squares to wrap chocolate truffles?

So much leftover chocolate truffle base that I better package nicely and get out of the house: Is there some ratio or rule of thumb to spare me from experimenting on the right size and shape of bon ...
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What is ganache, and how it is used in truffles? Does it differ from chocopaste?

I need to know what ganache is and how it is used in different truffle recipes. Also, how it is different from chocopastes?
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How do you coat perfectly round truffles with melted chocolate?

How do you coat perfectly round truffles with melted chocolate. Preferably with the least amount of mess. Normally, I just dip the truffle into a bowl of melted chocolate and remove the truffle with a ...
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Chocolate seized during dipping, how to prevent it?

I used a double boiler (two pots) to melt chocolate for truffles but half way into dipping the truffles in the chocolate, the chocolate hardened and became very clumpy. How do I keep the melted ...
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Why does my ganache keep breaking?

I'm making truffles, and my ganache keeps coming apart. The chocolate acts like it's overheating, but it's not. I've confirmed the temperature of the water in the double boiler several times, and the ...
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Are there any special techniques for tempering dark chocolates with different cacao percentages?

I want to use up some chocolate I have on hand, and don't have enough of either one for the recipe I plan to use for truffles, so I thought I'd try combining the 3 chocolates. One is 54%, one is 63%, ...
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How can I avoid chocolate truffle mix curdling?

We are trying to make chocolate truffles by heating cream and adding to chopped up chocolate but it keeps curdling. Are there any tips to avoid this happening?
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