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Fresh ground chorizo

If I am using ground fresh chorizo in an oven baked dish with chicken, do I need to brown it on the stove top first?
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Why is chorizo spice-mix rarely sold in stores?

I'm not much of a cook, but I do enjoy anything made with chorizo. I've looked far and wide for pre-made chorizo spice-mix in grocery stores, international food stores, etc., but I've never found it. ...
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Chorizo sausage as a ground chorizo substitute?

I have a recipe that calls for ground chorizo, but I don't own a meat grinder and my local grocery store only sells chorizo sausages. Now, I guess I could mince the sausages and maybe achieve the same ...
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How can I know if I'm purchasing "mild" chorizo or spicy chorizo?

I have a recipe that calls for "mild ground chorizo". At my regular grocery today I saw three brands of ground chorizo, but all were simply labeled "chorizo". The listed ingredients included "spices" ...
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Fresh or smoked sausage in Jambalaya?

Jambalaya calls for either Andouille or Chorizo sausage. Is this sausage meant to be fresh or smoked?
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Does beetroot and chorizo work together in a dish

I'm currently going through a phase of cooking a lot of beetroot. I also love Chorizo. I was thinking of doing a Beetroot and chorizo risotto. But I'm unsure if the flavour profile would complement ...
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Availability of pure alcohol in the UK (or alternatives as fuel for alcohol-burning cookers)

My friends from Portugal have a chorizo cooker (something, I believe, a bit like this), and they would like to use it in the UK. In Portugal they burn pure alcohol in it, which they purchase from ...
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How to cook sausage?

I never cooked "real" sausages before. Now I have several kinds of sausages: chorizo, merguez, and chicken. I have only a couple of each and a big electric pan. How do I cook them? Should I add water?...
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Should Chorizo Be Peeled Before Cooking?

For years I've been chopping up Chorizo and cooking it, with no other preparation. I've recently been told that I've been doing it wrong and should peel the Chorizo first. It's pain to peel, and I've ...
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How to keep 'fresh' chorizo?

A relative of mine is in food retail, and recently she gave me some chorizo. With the basic advice 'hang it in the fridge' I am not sure if it is edible as yet, and how long it will be edible for, ...
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Alternatives to serve with a tomato salad [closed]

This weekend we are making a Tomato and Chorizo salad. The recipie suggests serving it with goats cheese and ham, but we don't really fancy that. We are trying to think of alternatives to serve it ...
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