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1 answer

What's a good substitute for asari clams?

I'm Indonesian, and asari clams are really expensive here. What other clams can I use to substitute that?
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Refrigerator life of live clams

When I cook live clams, I usually purchase them from the local grocery store on the day I plan to prepare them. However, sometimes that is inconvenient for me to run to the store the same day. So my ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Clams partly open with tongues sticking out - have they gone bad?

I bought my steamer clams yesterday, they've been in my fridge for just 24 hours. They were sitting on ice at the grocery store and at the time they were all closed. When I went to get them tonight, ...
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Can you soak clams in a salt water pool for a couple of hours

We changed over to a salt water pool this year. Can we soak clams for a couple of hours in the pool before we serve them?
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Clams frozen before purging

I got excited to find out my friends family vacation home is on a river where a ton of delicious clams live. TI caught a bunch of live clams, then hastily put the whole lot in a bag of water and threw ...
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What soaking duration for clams in salt water you never exceed?

I phoned supermarket, and seafood monger said "DON'T soak clams and mussels for same time". She said "you can soak clams overnight, but not mussels". She got no idea why 3/4 ...
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How can I find wire rack/sieve to put clams or mussels on top, in giant bowl?

I found instructions to place clams in a sieve or similar when purging to prevent them from taking up the sand and grit again. This makes a lot of sense, but I don’t have a matching sieve-bowl combo. ...
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2 answers

Which is the best way to de-grit clams and mussels? Salt, cornmeal, or salt + cornmeal?

What's the most effective way to de-grit clams and mussels? Apparently there are 3 possibilities. Salt only. Cornmeal only. Salt and cornmeal. Has any academic peer reviewed or researched this? ...
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