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6 answers

Is eggnog just a milkshake?

Last year I tried eggnog for the first time, following a homemade recipe involving egg, cream and sugar. The result tasted like a thin vanilla ice-cream milkshake (with spices and alcohol). Recipes ...
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27 votes
8 answers

What are things like Bread, Rice and Cereal collectively known as?

I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the English language stack exchange but here goes: We have broad classifications like "Fruit" and "Vegetable" and "Meat"/"Protein". What do you collectively ...
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What kind of sauce did I "invent"?

One day I had an idea for a special "sauce" to use on (chicken) burgers. The basic idea was to give it some sort of "salad dressing" like taste. The basic ingredients are cream cheese, mustard, ...
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What are the categories of fish?

It seems like there are a few broad categories of fish, and I can easily substitute any fish of a given category for any other most of the time. The one I'm most familiar with is whitefish: a recipe ...
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Does the biological classification of food have a relation to taste?

As a concrete example, both tomato and potato are in the nightshade family as defined by their biological classification. However, I don't think a tomato tastes like a potato at all. Obviously the ...
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What is the name for a dish similar to chili but with no chili peppers or related spices and some very non-chili ingredients?

I made something the other day and I'm not sure what you'd call it. I softened some onions, celery, carrot, and garlic in olive oil; browned some ground venison in with the veggies and oil; added ...
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3 answers

What are the differences between the grades of maple syrup?

You can get maple syrup in different grades, but what defines the difference between the grades? Why is one syrup grade A and one grade B?
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What makes fleur de sel different from regular salt?

Fleur de sel is the salt from the top of the pot when you heat salted water. But what makes it different from the rest of the salt in the pot?
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