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2 answers

How to make clotted cream in the instant pot without the yogurt function?

I found a bunch of recipes to make clotted cream using the yogurt function (, but I have a Duo Crisp, which does not have that function. ...
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Using Clotted Cream as Whipping Cream

Can I add normal milk or cream with a 30% fat content to clotted cream with a 58% fat content to make whipping cream? can clotted cream be whipped on its own? I want to decorate a cake.
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6 votes
3 answers

Liquid underneath clotted cream

TL;DR Why do I find liquid at the bottom of the pan when I make clotted cream? I've read about clotted cream in books all my life, but it wasn't a thing where I grew up. I recently discovered this ...
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Clotted cream broke in the fridge

Yesterday, I purchased a package of Kaymak (the Turkish version of Devonshire clotted cream). Normally, it would act just like clotted cream. It was in the fridge when I purchased it and looked fine. ...
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Do people eat clotted cream AND butter at the same time?

In The Hobbit, Gandalf is described as eating loaves with clotted cream, butter, and honey. I'm familiar with clotted cream, but I always eat it with jam - clotted cream PLUS butter seems excessive. ...
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2 answers

What do you get when you reheat and cool clotted cream?

I made clotted cream and tried to heat it for serving. It immediately disintegrated so I tried to salvage it by freezing it. It solidified into something yellowish and left some liquid at the bottom, ...
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2 answers

Are mascarpone and clotted cream the same thing?

When serving some mascarpone with French toast to my mother, she exclaimed: "Oh, this is the clotted cream I had when I was a little girl!" Are mascarpone and clotted cream the same thing? If not, ...
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Can clotted cream be made with UHT cream?

I've followed a couple of recipes for clotted cream without success and it seems that pasteurization is the issue. I'm told that I need to use either unpasteurized cream or cream that has been low-...
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How to make scalded (clotted) cream?

I can't buy clotted cream in New Zealand, so I'd love to learn how to make it. I have a friend who can provide raw milk. What's the technique?
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