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Cocoa is the mixture of substances remaining after cocoa butter has been extracted from cacao beans. It may also be called cocoa powder, cocoa solids, or cacao.

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Chocolate: difference between "Cocoa Mass" and "Cacao"?

There isn't much diary products in my country. So cheese, double/heavy cream, baking chocolate etc are hard to find. Some shops that specialize in baking sells this relatively expensive "72% cocoa ...
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How can I identify dutch process cocoa?

I have a hard time finding "dutch process cocoa" in the store sometimes. What other names might dutch process cocoa be known as? Is there something else in the ingredients that might identify ...
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Difference between instant cocoa and drinking chocolate

There's a question with answers detailing the difference between pure cocoa powder and chocolate; it boils down to the 'raw' cocoa powder being a very ungrateful, bitter substance difficult to use ...
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Effect of undutched cocoa on baking

I'm trying to add unsweetened non-dutched cocoa powder to a biscotti recipe (this one). I've read that this type of cocoa is strongly acidic. Will I need to make any changes to the quantities of ...
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Can I substitute cocoa for semisweet chocolate?

If I have a recipe that calls for semi-sweet chocolate (melted), what could I use along with unsweetened cocoa powder as a substitution? In other words, what quantities of sugar and cocoa powder would ...
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How can I make milk cocoa powder so it does not stick to the top and bottom?

A package of milk cocoa powder contains "20% cocoa powder, sugar, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring (vanillin)". I have tried to make cocoa milk drinks to cold milk but the cocoa stuck to the top ...
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Can I substitute chocolate chips for cocoa powder in my frosting?

I just ran out of cocoa while making a cookie sheet cake. Had enough for the cake, but not for the frosting. Can I substitute chocolate chips?
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Is there a drink that's analogous to coffee but made with cocoa beans?

Is there a drink out there that is made identically to coffee except with cocoa beans? I would be interested in finding either a drink with the exact roasting process or a drink brewed with ground ...
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