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Coconut generally means the sweet creamy interior flesh of a whole coconut. Use this tag for questions about selecting, identifying, storing, preparing, replacing or cooking with coconut, coconut flesh or coconut milk as a star ingredient. Questions about dishes which include coconut, but are not focused on coconut, should not use this tag.

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How do I prevent coconut milk from separating in Thai curry?

It seems like every single attempt I've made at making a Thai-style coconut curry ends up with the sauce mixture separating. Although it usually still tastes good, the coconut ends up looking like it ...
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What would be a good substitute for coconut milk in curry sauces?

Specifically, if I work from a started paste that require adding coconut milk, what would be a good substitute?
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How do I make coconut milk at home?

I rarely use coconut milk, so it's not something I like to keep around the house. On the rare occasion I do use it, most of it goes to waste because I only need a little bit. How do I make it at home, ...
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Why does my coconut sauce lack a strong coconut taste?

Why doesn't my coconut sauce have a strong coconut flavor similar to what is served in Thai restaurants? Do they use real coconut or coconut essence or coconut oil? I use a can of coconut.
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How to Make Canned Coconut Milk Separate

My friend wants to make coconut milk separate so that she can use the cream for whipping. Can anyone suggest a way of accomplishing this? Edited to add: I asked her to confirm that it was full-fat ...
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How do you open a coconut?

Without killing yourself or others?
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How do I extract coconut milk from coconut meat?

Coconut milk in the local grocery store costs around $1.50 for a small can. Cans of coconut milk that cost less are full of fillers such as extra water and gums to thicken it. Whole coconuts, on the ...
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Knife chopping through bone or coconut

Is it ok to use a chef knife to chop through bones (not too big, like chicken or pork ribs) or a coconut or will it ruin the knife permanently? I've done that on occasion and it did not seem to ...
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How to know whether a coconut is ripe or rancid before buying

Buying the shrink-wrapped coconuts (in shell) at the store is similar to playing Russian Roulette. All this trouble of getting the water out and breaking the shell only to find out the coconut is ...
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Cracking coconut cream

I have several recepies which call for cracking coconut cream (Thai curries). I used to just fry the curry paste and add coconut cream (or coconut milk) which produces reasonable results, but on ...
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When to prefer yogurt, cream, and coconut milk in an Indian vegetarian dish to make it creamy?

Firstly, I have noticed all the curried dishes we eat in an Indian restaurant feel "creamy". Now, I don't know whether they add cream, or yogurt, or coconut milk? In which kinds of dishes do we need ...
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How do you determine whether a coconut is young or not by knocking on it?

I've seen some people knock on a coconut to determine if it is young or not. Sometimes they knock with their knuckles, or with a machete. How do they do that? A young coconut has lesser meat, but ...
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Homemade coconut milk separates into different layers after a day in the fridge

I made some coconut milk. After a day in the fridge there was two layers of liquid in the jar, coconut water and solid coconut which I found out afterwards that it is called coconut butter! When I ...
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How to shell a coconut without breaking the seed?

Quite a lot of the time I'm able to get large parts of seeds by hitting the shell against the ground. This causes bigger cracks in the shell than the seed, I can then pry off the outer layer. However, ...
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Can I make sweetened coconut from dried coconut?

In my pantry, I have a bag of dried & shredded coconut. I want to use it, but all recipes I come across ask for sweetened coconut. That coconut also looks a lot more moist than mine. Is there a ...
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Why does coconut milk separate in coffee?

When I put coconut milk in coffee, curds and lumps form, which does not look good in coffee. When I heat coconut milk, curds are still form. What can I do to avoid this?
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How can I mask or reduce the taste of coconut oil? Perhaps a spice of some sort?

I love it for its health benefits and I can't eat most other oils in higher amounts, but my meals are very fatty (and I intend to keep that that way), so that means a lot of coconut oil. However it's ...
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Why does coconut milk separate when it is placed in the fridge?

I have noticed that for many coconut whipped cream recipes, you are supposed to put the can in the fridge overnight to separate the fat and the liquid. Can anyone explain the food science behind why ...
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Homemade coconut milk in coffee compared to store bought

I've been making my own homemade coconut milk recently because I don't like the list of ingredients (thickeners, emulsifiers, etc.) typically found in store-bought coconut milk. The problem is, I ...
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Coconut milk/cream vs cow milk in recipes

I want to know if I can freely substitute coconut milk and/or cream for cow milk in dessert recipes. The reason I wish to substitute is to try new flavors and explore new frontiers. I have never used ...
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