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Coconut generally means the sweet creamy interior flesh of a whole coconut. Use this tag for questions about selecting, identifying, storing, preparing, replacing or cooking with coconut, coconut flesh or coconut milk as a star ingredient. Questions about dishes which include coconut, but are not focused on coconut, should not use this tag.

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Separate coconut oil using microwave

I am cooking thai curry and wondering if I can seperate coconut oil using microwave?
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Expire dates on coconut milk

I just bought a case of coconut milk in cartons and the expire date says 12MR01. Does this mean it expired 4 years ago?
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How can I mask or reduce the taste of coconut oil? Perhaps a spice of some sort?

I love it for its health benefits and I can't eat most other oils in higher amounts, but my meals are very fatty (and I intend to keep that that way), so that means a lot of coconut oil. However it's ...
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Grainy texture from creamed coconut

The other day, I made Tom Kha Gai (Thai coconut, chicken, mushroom, etc. soup) using creamed coconut and water, instead of coconut milk. That is, I dissolved/melted the creamed coconut in the hot ...
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Attempting to make Coconut Pringles - dough too crumbly

not a cook here. Attempting to make coconut based "pringles". here's my recipe: 3/4 cup coconut blended into essentially coconut butter 3/4 cup coconut flour 1 tbsp arrowroot powder 1/4 tsp baking ...
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What is the difference between a young coconut and a white coconut?

I am reading conflicting information. (mirror) says young coconut and white coconut are different: Young coconuts, white coconuts and brown coconuts ...
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