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Sealed cold press coffee bottle for 2 months and let it brew. Is it safe to consume it?

I put coffee beans(coarse grind) in a glass bottle and filled it with water(1 part beans to 5 parts water). I sealed this bottle and stored it in a dark cold place for 70 days. I opened the bottle ...
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Do I need two filters to strain cold brew coffee?

I have a Filtron cold brew system that uses both a paper filter and a wool filter to strain the coffee after it has brewed. However, in the last batch, I forgot to insert the wool filter! Is it okay ...
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What is the optimal steep time for cold-brewed coffee?

When cold-brewing coffee (such as a Toddy) at room temperature, what is the best steep time. Would a 1 or 2-hour steep time yield a decent cup of coffee? Does anyone have any research on caffeine ...
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Cold-brewing coffee

Background: Summer is upon us. After resuming my cold-brewing regimen, I'm finding that cold-brewing coffee isn't working as well as I seem to remember it did last summer. For those unfamiliar with ...
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What's the best method for making iced coffee?

How should we make iced coffee at home? We only have a French press.
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Caffeine content of cold-brewed coffee: higher or lower than hot-brewed?

I recently rediscovered the joys of cold-brewing coffee. (One level cup of rough-ground beans, 4-1/2 cups of cold water, steeped overnight and strained, produces a rich coffee concentrate. A shot or ...
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