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What causes changing blue and purple pigments in food?

I've noticed that many foods, such as cabbage, garlic, and ginger, either turn blue or purple in certain conditions, or that, like purple string beans, they lose these colors when cooked. Why is this?
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Why is meat red?

What makes meat red? At first I would think it is the blood, but most packaged meat doesn't seem to be bloody per se, and plus, different meats (chicken, beef etc.) range in color from deep red to ...
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Yellowness of egg yolk

Related question: Why are Italian eggs so yellow? Occasionally I get served a fried / poached egg with a deep yellow/orange yolk. I find it extremely appetising and visually attractive. Sometimes ...
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Can a blood orange be half bloody?

I've got a "sanguino moro" (blood/red) orange, but it appears to be only half-bloody, as in the photo below. However all figures I've found on the internet show oranges that are purely red inside, for ...
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How to prevent brillant pink raw bread dough from cooking up to yellow?

I added some cooked beets to a bread recipe. The result was a lovely pink dough: After cooking, the rolls were yellow on the inside with some of the pink still visible in the crust: Why? Any way ...
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Beef discoloration on parts not in contact with air

I have bought a pack of sliced beef and opened it up as soon as I got home. Judging by the date on a package, it was packed on the same day I bought it. It was red on the outside, but dark and brown-...
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How do I avoid my food becoming brownish/dark while cooking?

I recently encountered a few recipes where food is not allowed to 'get colour', or become brownish while baking. A few examples of what I mean: Chicken turns a golden-brown colour. Burgers get a ...
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Why is my green tea brown?

As Crystal Gale once wrote, "You're gonna make my green tea, brown." Or something like that. When I typically order (the free or close-to-free) green tea at Japanese restaurants, it's usually ...
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Why is black pepper both grey and black?

A container of black pepper seems to have both black and greyish bits. Why is this the case? Shouldn’t it all just be black?
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Color change in duck meat!

I roasted a duck some days ago, and while eating, the meat on the carcass slowly turned a sharp red, much like an apple turns brown. I can't find any information on this anywhere, as all questions ...
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Looking for a Blue Ingredient

Blue food is notoriously hard to find, but I'm working on a dish that basically resembles a lighthouse, and I need something blue to act as the water. Mustn't be wet. The dish is sort of breakfasty (...
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Why do purple snap beans turn green when cooked?

We often get snap beans from the CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) that are either entirely purple or mottled purple. When cooked (at least when steamed or blanched), however, the purple color ...
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What makes food dyes heat-safe?

What makes some formulas of food coloring, like AmeriColor, heat-safe and other formulas, like Wilton's icing color, not? For that matter, ground beets, beet juice or extract, and maraschino cherry ...
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Relating the Color of meat to doneness

I want to know more about how to correlate the color of meat to its level of doneness. How do I recognize how cooked my meat is based solely on color?
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