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How can I make my the colour of non-dairy flan more like a classic flan?

Hello Seasoned Advice community, I'm looking for some flan advice please! Thanks in advance for your answers. A family member has a dairy allergy, so for several years have been swapping cow milk out ...
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Fix my matcha pudding?

In the winter my matcha puddings come out the wrong color. Every few months I make a batch of matcha puddings for my family get togethers. In the warm months it comes out perfectly. The matcha ...
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How do commercial sauce makers have such red tomato paste?

When I make concentrated tomatoes, like for catsup, my paste comes out the color of salsa, a pale pinkish red, not the deep red you see in commercial tomato paste or catsup. Is there a secret to ...
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How can I process clear avocado oil with a pleasant scent, and how can I dry it faster?

I am processing my oil by cold press. I have to dry it first. I have three challenges: The color of my oil is darker than intended. My oil has a very strong smell. I am seeking a cheaper and faster ...
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Why is sous vide steak brown on the outside?

When sous viding a steak, lets say at 130F for 90 minutes, the steak will be completely red on the inside. However, the steak will look a pale gray on the very outermost portion. The point of sous ...
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