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How long can I keep homemade concentrated meat broth? [duplicate]

I made a broth from a pork leg (bones and meat, already broiled), also adding some browned veg and herbs. Then I reduced the broth by about tenfold and put it in a jar. After cooling the result was a ...
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Can "juice from concentrate" be diluted 100% juice? [duplicate]

If products labelled as juice from concentrate is just water added to concentrated juice, and concentrated juice is 100% juice with water removed, can juice from concentrate have more water added than ...
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Relation between concentration of sugar in syrup VS its spoil rate

My mother recently created a Centella asiatica vegetable juice. She states that we should add some sugar (e.g. 2 tea-spoons for 1.5 liter of vegetable water) to reduce the spoil rate of the juice....
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How many grams of almonds are in a tsp of almond extract?

How many grams of almonds are in a tsp of almond extract? Looking for equivalency or concentration rations for almonds to almond extract.
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How do I prepare (any) coffee with desired caffeine concentration?

I’m an student from Tampere, Finland, and I’m doing an essay on the effects of coffee (caffeine). However, how to determine the caffeine content in each serving of coffee is unclear. How do I prepare ...
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Extracting the flavour of single vegetables for the purpose of sauce

I am interested in making vegetable sauces that are concentrates of a particular vegetable. So a concentrated sauce that has just the flavour of a chosen vegetable. Which vegetables would be suitable ...
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Other than US FDA definition, are there other standards for vanilla extracts?

Is there a European standard for example for what could be sold as vanilla extracts? The only definition of concentration and ingredients appears to be in US Code 21 CFR 169.175.
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Calibrating tea dosage

How can I get the right strength of tea? I recently have been trying Gyokura Imperial, a Japanese tea, experimentally, but it is hard to know whether I have the dosage correct because I don't know ...
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Beef Bone Broth: How much should I end up with per starting bones?

I'm trying a beef bone broth recipe that is short on details... it basically says to cover the bones with water and simmer for 48 hours in a slow cooker. Based on Google, other recipes don't say to ...
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Baking concentrate using Hard Alcohol ex Jack Daniels

I am trying to find a way to use hard alcohol such as Fireball, Jack Daniels, Sailor Jerrys and so on and turn them into a baking concentrate. This means the flavor of the alcohol cannot burn off at a ...
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Cryoconcentration, can you do it yourself?

I'm looking to concentrate freshly pressed apple juice. In order keep the apple-freshness I would very much like to avoid heating up the juice. Does anyone have experience with cryoconcentration, is ...
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How to decide how much to dilute extremely hot chillis

I have come into the possession of a couple of naga varieties. We don't know which ones exactly, but google search seems to confirm that I do have some very hot varieties on my hands and they may ...
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