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Condensed milk is (cow's) milk from which some, but not all water has been removed. It is sometimes also sweetened.

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Failed attempt at making condensed milk

I followed this recipe to make condensed milk but it never thickens. 2 cups milk 1/2 cup sugar 25 gr butter I tried it once following the recipe to a T, and when it didn't thicken not even a little ...
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Can I convert a no-churn icecream recipe to lactose- and sugar-free?

I want to make a no-churn ice-cream for my wife, it needs to be sugar-free and lactose-free. The recipe I found calls for condensed milk and 35% cream. I can find lactose-free cream in the local ...
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Why is dulce de leche thicker than sweetened condensed milk?

You can make dulce de leche by cooking a can of sweetened condensed milk: Could you explain how the consistency changes to something much more ...
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Dried condensed milk

I want to make custard caramel. The recipe which I will follow requires condensed milk. Now I have an opened refrigerated tin of condensed milk. Half of it is used. The other half is dried, though not ...
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Pasteurize egg yolks?

I want to make a cake filling consisting of sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice so I thought of adding egg yolks to make it more dense, but the condensed milk and lemon juice doesn't need cooking ...
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Condensed milk doesn't mix well into iced coffee

I enjoy Vietnamese/Thai/Brazilian iced coffee with the signature condensed milk. However, my efforts to reproduce have fallen flat. Using either condensed milk from a can or squeeze bottle, it never ...
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Is condensed milk the same as sweetened condensed milk?

Is condensed milk the same as sweetened condensed milk? I have a fudge recipe that calls for condensed milk and I can not find strictly condensed milk, only sweetened condensed milk or evaporated ...
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Condensed milk versus regular milk in fudge recipes

What is the difference between fudge recipes that call for sweetened, condensed milk versus regular milk?
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Can evaporated milk be converted to sweetened condensed?

(Not a duplicate of this question, I don't believe) If I have a recipe that calls for sweetened condensed milk but only have a can of evaporated milk, is there anything I can do to it to the ...
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Is there an alternative to condensed milk?

In Denmark we don't have condensed milk in our regular stores and I've actually only seen it in an UK-import store a few years ago. Is there an alternative to it or can you craft it with regular ...
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